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On a scale of 1-10 how much does your governor think of you? 0

NC’s Governor, Roy Cooper has gotten at least $10,800 directly from Pfizer in the past year alone, to sell US out & what does he give US in return?
This propaganda is a literal advertisement campaign – funded by US to manipulate US. Feel FREE to share and to point out the continued audacious hypocrisy and the absolutely insulting disdain & disregard THIS man has for YOU and every other person in the State of North Carolina.

“Needle Plunge” Injection Rejection ~ From 1905 Jacobson v. MA to the obscurity of Dershowitz v. RFK Jr. in 2020 vision

History to Present: If you’re held up waiting for a novel DNA altering, wireless tech-reading enabled vaccination to allow you to unmask and return to a new normal, you’ve put your faith in a science god that’s constantly proclaimed to be “settled” but changing its mind faster than the Mockingbird-Stream-Media, Political-Panderers, and Sold-Scientific flip-floppers in the midst of this propagated crisis. Jump ship: Reject the Mandate

“She’s Ruling and Ruining NC” “She’s Always A Woman To Me” Parody (Billy Joel) Mandy Krauthamer Cohen, Unlicensed MD

“What’s frustrating is we know what works” ~ Cohen knows what works for each of US in NC? The world has responded in unprecedented ways that WE can clearly see have had dire ramifications from undertaking such unproven & unscientific approaches; to denigrate US here in North Carolina, for refusing to “buy into” YOUR demands for even MORE “collective action” of insanity literally adds insult to injury.
~ Lyrical rewrite on an NC Liberty Belle Curve ~