No debate: You can’t mandate. (NC says: Prohibit ANY Mandatory CV Vaccination)

First meme I ever made in January 2019. We see where this is headed, & We Do NOT Consent!

I sent the following to my key NC Reps (& some apparent “health committee” folks). It’s such a Common Sense principal, that our bodies belong to US, that it’s almost nonsensical to write it down, much less make a law for it. Yet that’s where we are. So we’re still here, well after a year, standing against tyranny, deterred not – determined at long last, for FREEDOM. As stated before: speak YOUR peace, or risk forever losing your freedom. House Bill 558 would prohibit mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations in the State of North Carolina. And by “vaccination,” “vaccine,” &/or “inoculation,” we mean vaccines AND the experimental, preventative gene therapies which they call a “vaccine” AND this law would prohibit ANYONE, from governments to businesses, from trying to mandate any such injection, whether under “Emergency Use Authorization” or even if, in 2023, the FDA “approves” it. We don’t need just section one (we have laws for that part) – we need it IN FULL. This is my piece of peace:

“RE: HB 558, Please go on record: Do you support HB 558 in its entirety? “HOUSE BILL 558: Prohibit Mandatory CV19 Vaccinations” I am a lifelong resident of the Carolinas. I was born and raised in NC and got both of my degrees in SC. I’m raising my children here in North Carolina. My parents were both born and raised here, as were my grandparents dating back to the time before the Great Depression.     
I have been, and still am in AWE of the terrible state this State has slipped into and the plans being implemented on what I once considered to be free, therefore, sacred ground. The continual violations of the most BASIC, and common human rights is appalling. Where in the world any “authority” gets the IDEA they can experiment on my body (or that of my children) against my consent through mandate or coercion must have been thought up NOT in a “State of Emergency” but a “state of insanity.” 
No business, schools, university, agency or ANY publicly maintained &/or privately owned entity, &/or ANY other place, forum, facility, or locale, with or without the designation of a ‘public accommodation’ may be allowed to presume they have ANY authority to try to mandate (through coercion, force, or bribery) any vaccination, much less COVID-19 injection. It is particularly repugnant that this – a NEW technology, for which NO PERSON alive on PLANET EARTH can tell me the long-term effects – is even being CONSIDERED being used as a PREEMPTIVE gene treatment on me or MY children without my consent! NC representatives: Do you realize that through your sponsorship with our taxed Federal Reserve Notes, of promoting the pharmacological use of novel, and “inherently dangerous to some individuals” methods, are encouraging 16 year olds (to whom this virus poses almost ZERO threat and are NOT asymptomatically spreading it by simply breathing) to go get injected with experimental messenger RNA gene therapy without even bothering to adequately inform them of potential negative consequences and without getting permission from their parents for this medical intervention for a germ they may or may not get, &/or may already have had, which may have devastating life-long negative side-effects which may go undetected for decades to come.  What happened to “raise the age“? Currently, a 16 year-old CHILD who commits a crime goes into the juvenile court system – because they don’t have the capacity (mens rea) to understand the life-long impact of their decision. Currently a 16-year-old CHILD cannot buy spray paint. Twenty-year-olds can’t buy or even drink alcohol or tobacco (according to federal law) in our state. There is current legislation that would make it illegal for minors under 18 to end their publicly mandated “education” process.  Currently, a 16 year-old CHILD cannot go get married without parental consent. Children age 16 cannot go have elective surgery without parental consent. Children at any age in the public school system cannot go a field trip without a lengthy signed permission form (parental consent). To see that this experiment is being done ALREADY on children of this age, without the consent or even knowledge of the parent in many counties of our State, when “DEATH” is a known possible side-effect for this preventive, experimental treatment is tantamount to DEPRAVED INDIFFERENCE on behalf of ANY entity administering it. As we know, the PREP Act has allowed such (mostly convicted felonious) entities to be shielded from liability. But We (The People), who YOU are supposed to represent WILL NOT let off our legislators with impunity, if you continue to allow powers NOT following anything resembling what “science” is supposed to be and MISCONSTRUING “data” which they, themselves provide without transparency!!!  We DID not consent to be corporate lab rats. We DO not consent to be the guinea pigs of ANY pharmacological or biotech corporation and no matter how many time the phrase “safe and effective” is repeated, and regardless of how many offers of “free” doughnuts we’re given. We do not consent to allow “The State” or ANY other entity, to presume that it can use force or coercion to mandate a product, for which its makers have absolutely no indication of long term safety or efficacy and clearly don’t trust their own products, otherwise, they’d have some integrity and not need a legal-liability excuse. Furthermore, it has ALWAYS been, and must ALWAYS be OUR decision, when it comes to the health of our OWN bodies, how we choose to be healthy.  WE are the only owners of our bodies.  As private owners, with full rights of natural personhood, WE, ourselves make the decisions of health regarding it. The State of North Carolina has mismanaged this disaster for well-over a year. The NC Department of Health and Human Services banned potentially life-saving treatments, even when such treatment options were issued EUA on a federal level, first citing concerns there may be shortages, but then when it was revealed that medication had been donated TO it, suddenly, the question of safety was the issue – for medications which have been used for 50+ years, while our grandparents DIED ALONE, literally dying of despair, abandonment, lack of fresh air and vitamin D from the sun, and loneliness.  WHERE is that same question of safety when it comes to the brand-new gene treatment!?! 

In science and medicine, there is something called ‘the precautionary principle’ and it is part of the “scientific method” itself, which IS NOT BEING equitably applied here.
Politicians (most extremely, Roy A. Cooper III) and appointed bureaucrats (namely, most extreme: nominated-and-bribed-from-out-of-state, “mad” M.D. of NC, Mandy K Cohen, who breaks the law daily, by practicing medicine without a license) are telling US we MUST put faith into substance without evidence. That is NOT an act of science, but rather, a demand of control over our own bodies and our own health, in an unproven and unprovable, theoretical “greater good.”
That kind of dogmatic belief system through virtue of faith is, by definition: a religion.

Do we even NEED another law to specify the prohibition of mandates on experimental biological synthetic treatments for a germ by which we may or not even be infected with, may already have recovered from, or would likely pass naturally in a matter of MONTHS now?
Well, if We dare believe we CAN stand upon our creator-endowed 1st amendment rights, this Bill would be completely unnecessary. Unfortunately, over the past year+, We’ve seen this violated to an unprecedented and shameful extreme. So in keeping, the “powers” in North Carolina that have now presumed to know what’s best for MY own body, and the body of MY children don’t seem too interested in preserving the liberty on which I, and many other North Carolinians, have and still do stand.

Therefore, if you’re going to BOTHER making yet another law, PLEASE do it right: Go on the record and support HB 558 in its entirety!
Reiterate our God-given rights, as healthy humans with free will, to decide for ourselves and our children, if we WANT to inject a needle of some concoction of who-knows-what or what any effects such injection ingredients might have on US or our children, especially since WE will be the ones paying the consequences if anything goes wrong – not the makers of whatever’s in that (literally) out-of-this-world, negative-94 degree substance not found anywhere on this earth, in nature!
Support the “Prohibit Mandatory CV19 Vaccinations” Bill and support The People you were elected to represent.

If you DO support an edited version here are some of the ONLY acceptable recommendations:
The “SECTION 2.1.(b)” which begins “This section applies to any vaccination requirement,” and indicates that WE cannot be compelled to be subjected to any mandated vaccinations for school children, and protects our privacy in the area of our health decisions, can be made clearer as it is applicable to the entirety of every aspect of this Bill. Part VI
Do broaden this bill to make it as clear as possible that vaccination status must not be a contingency for receiving any public assistance, for which residents would otherwise be eligible, such as Medicaid, Medicare, Unemployment, SSI, Social Security, and/or SNAP & WIC benefits. Naming these specifically, curtails any implication that vaccination status could affect these programs – particularly because the citizens who rely on these programs the most, are usually the most vulnerable (the elderly, the infirmed, those with limited incomes, and people already dealing with health conditions, which have and could continue to be complicated by the attempts to mandate one-size-fits-all solutions &/or vaccinations).
It would also be wise to expand on Section 8.1, that ANY issued identification, such as a driver’s license, a passport, birth or marriage certificate, a social security card, an employer or school ID, or any other identification paper, card, information, personal profile, or effect, (except that which is given, as is tradition, by legitimate health care providers and is issued for the sole purpose of personal preference, for vaccination history reference OF that person FOR that person), and must not be correlated IN ANY WAY, with one’s vaccination preferences – not only for obtaining an identification, but for retaining, and renewing and also for ensuring that health information may be correlated with an individual’s identification (& while we’re at it, add ID’s mustn’t be correlated with financial or crediting ratings either – because if we’re wise we, see where this is headed) .

Support this bill IN FULL and pass it into law so the people of North Carolina can NEVER again be under the dictatorship of a tyrannical force by the likes of Royal Cooper III, not seen since King George III.
Historically, North Carolinians have shown that we will never be subjugated to “Intolerable acts” that are in opposition of the very essence of our freedoms.

Thank You ~ NC Liberty Belle”

~ North Carolina neighbors: YOUR TURN. Go. ~

Double Talk LIE: “The only industry in America, a billion-dollar industry, that can’t be sued – that’s exempt from being sued – are gun manufacturers” Joe Biden April 2021

Scripture to hide in Heart: “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1

Freedom In Truth Song : Little Seed Big Tree by Ian Brown (censored from Spotify) (Bill Gates voice at the end ~ he’s so confused “…people act like they have a choice, they don’t have a choice,” he exclaims unconvincingly, Almost pitiful)

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.Embedded Sources:

NC says NO! No Mandatory CV19 Vaccinations, House Bill 558 & draft of the 8 paged bill, codifying that these “vaccines” must not be made mandatory by ANYONE (not just by the government, but NO ONE can try to make it mandatory):

NC lets minors get experimented upon without informed consent nor parental knowledge: “16 and 17-year-olds can get vaccines in the Triad without parental permission” “Fox-Ate: on their side” tells OUR children (in the video “How Young People Can Get Vaccinated,” not text) the ONLY nearby county where parents must know (Randolph Co Public Health). (link containing both text AND instructional video for minors to bypass parents) & text, at least, backed up here:

Raise The Age NC: “The ‘Raise the Age’ initiative became law only through a strong, bipartisan coalition of support from all three branches of government, law enforcement and advocacy organizations, which continues today.”

NC Minor Spray Paint Purchase Forbidden Law – In North Carolina, you must be age 18 or older to purchase spray paint.

21 – age for alcohol purchase, or even consumption in NC: “North Carolina alcohol laws make no exceptions for consuming alcohol under age 21. It’s illegal for 20-year-old newlyweds to share a glass of wine at their reception. It’s also illegal for an adult of 20 to take communion wine.

Tobacco for 18 & up? No longer the age, Raise the Age to 21 has been done by the Feds: “As of Dec. 20, 2019, federal law prohibits retailers from selling tobacco products (cigarettes, cigars, and e-cigarettes) and vape products to people under 21 years old. As State law enforcement, ALE will continue to enforce North Carolina law which prohibits the sale of tobacco products to anyone under 18 years old. Any sale of tobacco products to someone under 21 may be subject to federal authorities’ enforcement.”

Young Marriage in NC requires Parental Consent:

NC Bill H.B. 516, to “Raise Dropout Age to 18” (current: 2021-2022 Session)

Emergency Use Authorization (status is not FDA “approved”) “Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine is authorized for use in individuals 16 years of age and older.” FDA site provides “Letter Granting EUA Amendment” (01/22/2021) (specifically page 8)

We Will Hold Our Representatives to Account (recent example): “Freedom Matters NC, Michele Nix v. Roy A Cooper III, in his official capacity as Governor, State of North Carolina”

NC’s BANNED medication list (by orders of “doctor in the same way Dr. Pepper is a doctor” Mandy K. Cohen): Hydroxychloroquine; Chloroquine; Lopinavir-ritonavir; Ribavirin; Oseltamivir; Darunavir; and Azithromycin.

& Still banned even after “Drug-maker donates 600,000 doses for treatment of COVID-19 in NC hospitals”: “the donation could be worth as much as $500,000….the federal Food and Drug Administration issued an “emergency use authorization” to use the drug in treatment of COVID-19…

As of April 24th (by the time the four now-withdrawn &/or completely debunked as junk “scientific” articles that tried to denounce it’s effectiveness and question it’s safety) NONE of that donated medicine had been administered, Cohen boldly informed reporters with pride of her actions of depraved indifference at minimum, or first-degree homicide, if the victims’ grandchildren were the prosecuting attorney!.

Known as early as May 2020: “More than half of people who died in North Carolina lived in nursing homes, NCDHHS says”

Elderly Dying Alone (July 26, 2020): ‘”You’re seeing them disappear before your eyes’ | Isolation takes a toll on nursing home residents They’re not dying from COVID-19 they’re dying from isolation.” Jean-Louis said. ~ Also see: “The evidence, couldn’t be more clear, he [the family member, not “visitor”] says, than in the latest side-by-side picture of Peggy, showing the toll of social isolation. “Just keeping residents in long-term care fed and watered is not living. That’s a violation of their rights,” said Wall.”

The Prep Act: “provide liability immunity for activities related to medical countermeasures against COVID-19.” Retroactively, from 2/4/2020. “Vaccine” and drug makers ARE shielded from getting sued from damage caused by their “product.” (So “safe” & “effective” that the Corporations making them wouldn’t even dare TRY to make them unless promised they’d be shielded?)

Theoretical “greater good”: How the ‘Greater Good’ is Used as a Tool of Social Control” Video, audio, and transcript (15 mins, 12 secs) available to view, listen &/or read on this site:

History: “Intolerable Acts” were known as, and indeed, still ARE “Coercive Acts”

History: First in Freedom: North Carolina Takes a Stand, April 12, 1776

After over a year, we’re still in this War for our Body, Minds and ultimately, our Souls and We continue fighting for FREEDOM: “Why I Support Our Last Chance To Fight For Freedom”

Speak Your Peace or risk forever losing your freedom” (nearly a year ago): “We Won’t Be Tracked and Traced, Put in place, Mined &/or Databased! Kill Bill 6666.”

“State Of Insanity” – story of how unlicensed not-a-doc, Mandy K Cohen “MD or NC”, the appointed director of The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services and NC’s highest paid appointed figurehead “for her [incredible] credentials” WITHHELD potentially life-saving medication that had been DONATED to the state for our elderly folks, first citing a shortage (excuse disappears when someone GIVES you a plenty), then citing safety concerns – decisions actual, licensed physicians should be making with their own patients when the FDA has it listed as EUA status for COVID-19, and her double-talk and double-think and double-standards on “safety” when the time would come (NOW) for the “novel vaccine” she’d ALREADY endorsed as our ONLY way to back to a new normal. “The Real State of Emergency Emerging as Dr. Pepper Presses Perpetual State of Social Psychosis” AND follow-up “tribute song” with enough links and commentary within the ridicule & parody to make even the most ardent “normie” question – “How are we allowing this woman to continue getting away with murder?”

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