The Real State of Emergency Emerging as Dr. Pepper Presses Perpetual State of Social Psychosis

“I’m just guessing but If I had an 8-year-expired Massachusetts driver’s license, I doubt I could become North Carolina’s top driver’s Ed instructor, much less head of The NC Department of Transportation for a state of 10.5 million people.”

On the collective global level, people world-wide are slowly-but-surely-waking up to the fact that The World Health Organization’s leader is not, in any sense of the word, a “doctor”. The W.H.O.’s biggest financial contributor, & so-called “Leading World Health Expert,” Bill Gates, is rightfully being exposed as having bought that title, with his face representing the rebranded, updated version of the psycho-pseudoscience of eugenics even though he can’t even keep a computer virus-free. On a national level, more & more, Dr. Fauci is starting to be viewed with skepticism, accurately seen as Dr. Fakie due to his multiple inaccuracies.

So why aren’t people questioning their local “health experts”?

Well, some of US are. And many more will soon.

Who is “Dr. Pepper” aka Sec of North Carolina’s Department of Health and Human Services, Mandy K Cohen, M[a]D, MPH?

The ‘acting’ NC DHHS Secretary Mandy Krauthamer Cohen, so-called “MD”, appears to be A DOCTOR in the same way that DOCTOR PEPPER is a doctor! Meet “Doctor” Cohen, henceforth called: Dr. Pepper. She is the “health expert” that does press conferences with NC Governor Roy Cooper.

(Sure, tweeted by a ‘Republican’ REMEMBER: Just because one is ‘right’, doesn’t mean he’s automatically wrong)

THIS is the SAME person that HR6666 would give the power to fund “entities” that she’d “qualify” to test, track, trace, database, and contact US at our residences and “related activities” along with “for other purposes” which very likely would include vaccinations and medications, weather WE want that or not.

So, you might ask: “The NC author writing this, doesn’t like the idea of ‘contact tracing’ what’s that got to do with the credentials of the person filling the position of Secretary of DHHS?” Well, I, for one (of many), disdain being deceived... see, Dr. Pepper is acting like she’s practicing medicine without an NC medical license! But what bothers me even more than being lied to, is knowing and seeing others led astray. Dr. Pepper is deceiving NC. She knows it and the governor knows it… but the media keeps calling her a doctor while the people, the vast majority… they DON’T KNOW IT!!!! (yet)

Dr. Pepper is an ALL-trained Cornell, Harvard, AND Yale globalist, NOT your typical, relatable Carolina-at-heart kinda gal…

Her Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine notation warns: “Please note that this licensee [Dr. Pepper] does not have an active license and therefore cannot practice medicine in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.” License Number: 231881. License Status: LAPSED [in 2012]

A search of any combination of the name “Mandy Krauthamer Cohen” on North Carolina’s medical license site reveals neither an active nor inactive license; meaning she’s never even obtained any kind of Medical license in the state where she is currently making medicinal policies, giving medical advice and instating medical mandates, and even unilaterally restricting medications at her discretion.

~ That’s called “practicing medicine,”

& it is illegal to do that in NC without a valid medical license.~

Questions of Dr. Pepper’s legitimacy are not new, but the ramifications ARE. The issue was questioned upon her appointment (note: not earned, nor elected) to the highest NC health position in 2017:

This Article has been updated to readdress this issue because: “The facts are the facts. Viruses and facts are not political…” in which the author asks:

  • “Did she ever practice medicine?” & upon investigating,
  • “…Again, did she ever practice medicine?” &
  • “…Does she even have a current medical license?” to
  • …Is there a conflict of interest?” (spoiler alert: yes; see specific dates in the link for details)
  • The Answer: possibly, but highly doubtful, as she held political title(s) during the very short time she actually had an active medical license in MA!!!

It would have been understandably easy to miss Dr. Pepper’s bragging point on how she made darn sure that Hydroxychloroquine that had been donated to NC DHHS had been withheld from distribution from elderly patients, even during the time period when its off-label use was legally acceptable on a national level. (Her statements, which lasted only around 2 minutes, were buried within a 2nd-day-in-a-row of her and Governor Coop’em’s press conferences that were hours of boring lunacy; her outrageous admissions were mixed in with the session regarding public school [mal]functions. In fact, she said that she had “worked hard” to make sure that people who weren’t qualified to take that particular medicine before the pandemic, wouldn’t have access to it now.

WOW. Talk about a power grab.

Here (cued to 38:38), she described working with pharmacies to ensure the blockage of access to (real, practicing, licensed, insured) doctors from even prescribing the inexpensive, controversial medication which has been used (in forms) for nearly a century for other similar illnesses with few side effects; thus SHE took away that option for patients who couldn’t have try that route if they had wanted to and if their doctors had concurred, even as a last-ditch, life-saving attempt!

Doctors in our state CAN and HAVE used certain medications for off-label uses, at their discretion. This option certainly should have, at least, been a decision between a doctor and his/her desperate-dying patient! But Doctor Pepper took away even the ability to have access a PRESCRIPTION they’d PAY out-of-pocket for, even if doctor and patient had agreed, using their judgment to choose to try it.

This ONE person made THAT decision for ALL doctors and patients in our state. If I had an elderly family member who had been “vented” on their deathbed and doctors had tried everything for the ‘novel’ virus, I’d beg them to try using it, as a last ditch effort; any logical & caring person would when their loved one is going to die!!! Because….

What’s deader than dead?

Furthermore, does Dr. Pepper have plans to use such safety certainty when a vaccine comes to market? Nope. Didn’t think so. The Pharmaceutical Corps(e) already have TOTAL INDEMNITY for that warp(ed) speed plan-of-action!

Besides THAT medical action, Dr. Pepper is being paid as a real doctor:

As this local news article explains,

“No one has gotten a larger total raise during Cooper’s first year in office than Mandy Cohen, secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services” [Dr. Pepper] What the Justification?

“Cohen’s salary increased last July to bring it up to what she should have been receiving from the start, but hadn’t been BECAUSE OF AN OVERSIGHT REGARDING COHEN’S CREDENTIALS AS A DOCTOR. North Carolina has a history of paying medical doctors who head DHHS more than the state pays non-physicians in that post… She now makes $192,500 a year.”

(Hey: Don’t forget to add the $1,200 stimulus check to that amount, right?)

Dr. Pepper’s conflicts of interests and even her placement are APPALLING! She has unlawfully assisted in the attempted expansion of Medicaid under directions of Gov. Cooper, without authorization of the legislation; This appointed policy-maker with a history of betrayal for anyone interested in medical freedom, has outspoken agendas supporting Obamacare-style, forced Allopathic, All-pathetic, out-of-OUR-control sick-care medical system for ALL, where in her words, we’d “buy health” not healthcare!

& who decides what MEDICINE (forget alternative treatments) you get under such a system? We already see from the above example – as secretary of the Health Department: She does! SO, even if you want a red pill, only a blue will be prescribed… either way: YOU’RE GETTING A PILL for whatever ails ya!

The above questions become far more significant NOW as approximately 10.5 MILLION people are subject to this ONE pretend “doctor’s” command! The questions are more relevant than ever: Has she EVER even PRACTICED medicine in any meaningful way, OR did she simply take the necessary steps, 15 years ago, to get the letters that follow her name, that trick people into thinking she should be trusted, while climbing the lucrative Corporate-Government ladder?

Here’s an announcement from Yale, bragging on its class of ’05 student: “Cohen, M.D. ’05, M.P.H., named to key post in North Carolina January 19, 2017

“Mandy Krauthamer Cohen, M.D. ’05, M.P.H., [MPH = Master of Public Health] has been named North Carolina’s secretary of health and human services by Gov. Roy Cooper. Cohen, a health care management and policy expert, has experience leading complex health organizations and bringing coverage and care to people across the country. She was most recently the chief operating officer and chief of staff at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, where she has been responsible for implementing national policies for Medicare, Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, and the Federal Marketplace, which touch the lives of over 140 million families across the country.”

This article makes it crystal clear that Dr. Pepper, up until the time of her current placement in NC, had NOT been spending time practicing medicine as a doctor. No, she is bureaucrat that Gov. Coop’em put up, to point at, with the fancy FEAR charts based on FLAWED statistics and computer-generated-based assumptions that have failed US miserably since the implementation of the COVID-19(84) disastrous response measures.

And now, with her latest career advancement, she’s moved a rung UP the political ladder as her intensity grows, and even though it’s a step down in the number of those previously influenced at a national level, her concentrated power has left an entire state directly impacted by the devastating consequences caused by her massive tidal wave of force and drowning in strong currents of political undertow. Her scholastic acronyms are chillingly fitting: ’05 MPH.

A fair analogy specific to US here in NC is as follows: So-called “Dr.” Mandy Cohen, aka Dr. Pepper went from being a tropic storm that skims the entire eastern seaboard causing some damage here and there to a full-blown Category 5 hurricane slamming directly into NC knocking the whole state to its knees! And the danger of devastation continues… the rivers are rising, while WE are already underwater! Meanwhile, Dr. Pepper the hurricane, momentarily drifted off to sea, only to strengthen over warm waters and has an eye set on making landfall yet again!

& That’s a REAL state of Emergency. The information shared here, is really only the tip of the Dr. Pepper iceberg. It’s past time to wake up, NC, family, friends & neighbors, time to remove our almost-mandatory “silent-consent” masks along with our infamous “stupid hats”! Because, you see, Dr. Pepper’s not done, and still plans yet another direct hit… How hard and how fast this time? With these accreditation M.P.H., Probably better brace for 160+ sustained wind with even higher [dis]gusts!


North Carolina, (and every other state under similar oppression), it’s time for a BIG call to action. Call For Resignation Time! ‘Cause time’s ‘a ticking and with the sharing of this information, armed with knowledge, and our own actions of noncompliance, withdrawn consent, and actions of individual liberty – Dr. Pepper’s imminent threat can be mitigated and her CORONAted reign can be reigned in! But We Must Act… Now.

*See below source links for “Timeline Clarity” of Cohen/Cooper Jan 2017 bribery-style political-actions*

Double-Talk Quote: “I want you to know that I see you….and fully support the need to peacefully protest …. I can use my place of privilege and power to do better” – Dr. Pepper on 6/2/2020 after nights of violent riots in cities all over our state.

Freedom In Truth Song: My “Drug Dealer” was a doctor

“The whole while, these billionaires, stay caked up
Paying out congress so we take their drugs
Murderers who will never face the judge …

My drug dealer was a doctor, Had the plug from Big Pharma,
He said that he would heal me, But he only gave me problems,
I think he trying to kill me, He tried to kill me for a dollar.” (MACKLEMORE feat. Ariana DeBoo)

Relatable Clip: Hank Hill (from the still-incredibly relevant show “King Of The Hill”) goes against appointed politician’s motives…. and wins, with the help of the town’s people.

Scripture to hide in Heart: “Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.” Matthew 10:16

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Source Links List (as embedded with backup &/or full-length links included):

Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine:

North Carolina’s Medical License Information site:

2017 Questioned validity of NC’s DHHS Secretary (with renewed relevance: & 2017 Questioned validity of NC’s DHHS Secretary Original:

“Gov. Roy Cooper North Carolina schools announcement | Watch LIVE” (April 24, 2020) YT link cued to 38:38 OR In Full:

Cooper’s Cabinet’s pay increases, Cohen highest paid:

Buy Health, not Health care comments found here: “Healthy People 2030 Is On the Right Track—Aligning Measures Around Upstream Health Drivers” MARCH 31, 2020 (in line with global governance policies)

Yale success brag of policy-maker graduate’s new appointed position of power:

Now former NC Governor during a hurricane advisory: “Pat McCrory “Stupid Hat” (Remix)” from 2014 (46 seconds sound-bite remix providing much-needed comic relief that only one of our own southern politician’s statements could have provided)

Timeline of Cooper/Cohen in Cahoots in attempted violation of law through circumvention of approval by the General Assembly:

Representing the Membership at the President’s Speech after Signing Health Reform into Law (March 23, 2010) March 23, 2010 “….Executive Director Mandy K. Cohen represented 16,000 Doctors for America members at the President’s speech at the Department of Interior immediately following the signing of the health reform bill into Law.” (Real “Health Care for all” would make US healthy… the misleading title refers to “sick care for all” that limits individuals in making their own choices regarding their own health and penalizes those who refuse to accept the notion that our only options for optimal health is by taking synthetic drugs for life and vaccines with little-to-no informed consent offered to recipients, while the real immunity is given to the pharmaceutical corporations who cannot be held liable for injury, tax payers pay those costs in a special vaccine compensation claims court… assuming they can prove it. Note: there is NO other industry in the USA with that kind of reckless power.

*UPDATED for Timeline Clarity*

On 1/1/2017 Roy Cooper* become governor of NC…
On 1/6/2017, Cooper attempted to expand Medicaid under The Affordable Cares Act, (in direct violation of NC S.L. 2013-5, enacted in 2012, which says basically, ya can’t expand Medicaid without going through the General Assembly); but he tried circumventing our State legislative bodies, by seeking expansion on a FEDERAL level from the FEDERAL agency: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the Chief Operating Officer (COO) & Chief of Staff of whom, at that date in history was one: “Dr.” Mandy Krauthamer Cohen, MPH.**
On 1/12/2017 Cohen Resigned from THAT cushy FEDERAL D.C. position.
On 1/13/2017 Cohen was appointed by Cooper to (surprise) become Secretary of NC’s DHHS.
On 1/14/2017, a Federal Judged issued a “stay” on that expansion.
On 1/20/2017 the Trump administration, which had promised to undo ‘Obama Care’ (which “Dr.” Mandy K. Cohen had played an integral part in implementing), came to power. ***
*Cooper had been NC’s Attorney General since 2001 and before that was in NC’s Senate and before that in NC’s House of Reps, so he’s been involved all 3 branches of govt in one form or another since 1987. Politics is a career game for him.
**Dr. Pepper Mandy-tory Cohen has spent her whole life in New England and/or DC. *** It’s unclear if she had ever even stepped a tar-heeled-toe on NC soil before Jan 2017 (or maybe even Feb)!
& that’s basically – The Backstory Timeline
(written Wednesday morning 6/24/2020 before one of the phase 2/ extension announcement later that day)

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