Mamas on Mass Mask Madness

On 8/18/2021, I had a discussion IRL with a dear friend, who is a mom. For anonymity’s sake, we’ll call her “Dawn” and her son “Dan”.
Dawn’s been dealing with this issue w her family all year, since last year (demanding masks on her & her hubby) and NOW by Dan’s school.
I ranted quite coherently after the story she told:

Apparently, at this private school, the students must wear masks, no exceptions. Dawn has never even been into the school while it’s in session, it’s not allowed, it’s deemed a ‘health hazard’. She meets with teachers at conference appointments on zoom. The children may only remove their masks while outside, under the sun, but ONLY if they get and remain at least 6 feet from any other student.
(I had gotten the impression that one of the main reasons Dawn and her husband had even chosen this school was partially for socialization purposes. This assumption felt even stronger, after she described how little Dan preferred to remain masked than to NOT be allowed to play with his new friends.)
She said he’d described seeing the teachers looking the other way, pulling down his mask, taking a deep breath in, then putting the mask back on really quickly to exhale, as not to get into trouble. Dawn noted she’d told him, unequivocally that if he needed to breath, it doesn’t matter what anyone says, to take off his mask and breath.
(That may be easier said than done for a child under such authority – even many adults around here, in voluntarily settings don’t follow such advice when a store’s employee with no valid authority snaps at them.)
At dismissal, the teachers walk the children out and when it’s their turns, hold their little hands until they approach the parent’s car. Dawn described how the sweet & caring teacher had carefully brought her son to her and complimented Dan, bragging on how great of a student he was & how well he was doing. (I’m sure that felt great for the both of them.)
Yet observant Dawn couldn’t NOT let the inconsistencies and nonsense of the nonchalant background motions go unnoticed. The nice teacher spoke those kind words after having held her son’s hand. And to speak those sweet praises, the well-meaning teacher used her hand to reach up and pull her cloth mask down, inevitably touching that mask she’d been breathing into ALL DAY LONG. She’d been holding Dan’s hand. She’d been holding a different child’s hand before that… and who-knows-how-many children’s hands before that! And how many times had each child touch his or her mask? And how many times had she reached up to pull down her day-long mask to speak and be heard clearly (a luxury not afforded to students) in between touching each child’s hand? Each child has little hands that had all touched their own personal germ-growth-factory face coverings!
The “Mass Mask Madness” continues!
I could barely believe we were really still ON this stupidity as of LAST YEAR – and here we are AGAIN? Still? WHY? Because those veils “work” so transparently well? Thus here we are AGAIN! Still?!? This is NOT working so well; in fact, THIS causing more problems than it “symbolically” answers!
So I ranted! I ranted & raved in my ‘tip-of-the-iceberg’ style, coupled with quick and concise ramblings of a mad woman*, in an attempt to spill out as much information before my time expires – as in many MOM’S cases, not by a predictable congressional or town-hall-meeting timing bell, but more like the inevitable but innocent interruption of my passion-filled tirades, by a child entering the room with a question, comment, request or need. It makes for an unpredictable amount of time to preach to the choir, but allows for a much more fulfilling and loving way to be cut-off & cooled down. (*Note: “mad” as in “angry”)
In my rant I’m sure I touched on the following:
1..There’s no scientific consensus
2. Flip-Floppers!!! (look at the ‘Rules for Thee but not for Me’ around here)
3. Could, can, & HAS caused harm, & therefore must be a choice
4. Religious Aspects (esp for children, women and cults, & for children as punitive tactics)
5. Historical Aspects (esp in context of past epidemics and & for slaves as punitive tactics)
6. Reasoning (and what used to be “common sense”) is long lacking. We’re told, especially here in NC, “3w’s!” Wear, Wait, Wash: rinse & repeat so that “we can get back to normal” when we KNOW, because they’ve let it be known that: we’re NEVER going back, at least not by complying!
7. Legal Presumption (Mandates are NOT laws & Executive Orders have exceptions – they MUST)
8. Media Manipulation (saying their “legal source” says … then they LIE, and tell the public that something that’s illegal is legal and vice-versa when WE have access to this information and can easily look it up and SEE that what they announced on TV was a flat-out LIE… if WE just bother to look & see)
9. Indoctrination of Authority into children (The U.S. President tells the state Governor who tells “the media” who tells the School board, who tells the teachers to tell the youngins that the “health expert” who doesn’t even practice medicine says, “you must” therefore: you must, from age 4 and up. ‘ And that’s how the USA works, kids! ‘ ← is the lesson they’re getting.)
10. Social Engineering of adults, including parents (“The Government” is convincing parents that THE GOVERNMENT has authority over THE PARENT’S own children!)
Did the GOVERNMENT give birth? Well? Well, mamas of NC? Mamas in The USA? Did the U.S. President tells the state Governor to tell “the media” to tell the medical board, to tell the doulas to tell US mamas that the “health expert” who doesn’t even practice medicine says, “you may push now” therefore: you pushed the baby out?
I did not think so!
As a matter of fact, I can personally verify that it DOES NOT WORK that way. Maybe in China, when they had their one-child policy, perhaps it kinda worked that way, but NO, not HERE, at least, “it’s NOT SUPPPOSED TO BE THIS WAY,” USA!

~ The only mask we’ve ever needed is right here; a united & peaceful front of resistance ~

“The Masque of Anarchy”

I tell Dawn ‘We The People’ must to “Rise like lions after slumber”
We The People Are Many, They the Controllers are FEW.
& I gave her my physical copy of the book “The Case Against Masks: Ten Reasons Why Mask Use Should Be Limited” authored by heavily censored but expertly truthful Dr. Judy Mikovits and Kent Heckenlively, JD
(Not to be confused with the ten loosely listed above)
Dawns follow up to the oral conversation: came via text on 8/19/2021 she asked me:

“Can you send me the info about the kids dying from wearing their masks?”
Reply 1: 4 of the 5 pages I’d bookmarked have been “Memory-Holed” 404, but this is up & backed up at here “..Civil Rights Attorney Leigh Dundas is someone who is not taking their advice on this subject, and has taken action to stop the practice, as the real science shows that wearing a face mask all day long is detrimental to one’s health, and some have even died as a result, including two school children in China.” <- that was a HUGE STORY that was widely reported then silenced almost immediately.
Reply 2: After more searching I found them:
“Two boys drop dead in China while wearing masks during gym class” May 6, 2020
& snopes cannot deny it… at least not conclusively, rating it “mostly true”:
Reply 3:
“After Multiple Deaths, Officials Call for No Masks in Gym Class”,-officials-call-for-no-masks-in-gym-class May 8, 2020 “…Several education bureaus in China are rethinking COVID-19 control policies after three students died running in masks at school, The Beijing News reported Friday. Bureaus in the eastern city of Xiamen, the southern province of Hainan, and the central city of Changsha have issued notices that either discourage schools from requiring students to wear masks during gym class or prohibit the facial accessories during exercise outright.”

Dawn was upset, & wanted to share this with her (seemingly unreceptive) family.
I replied:
If it’s the propaganda machine they trust… no wonder they’re all confused, when #FlipFlops are required to continue the daze! All this stuff was KNOWN a year ago + longer
If it’s “the Science” god(s) &/OR the actual parents they trust, have the family check out the SCIENCE that PARENTS took on … and what they found:

Dawn was was angry, sad, doubtful – asks me how I deal with all this?
I Replied:
I GET mad. I don’t GO mad. Remember what Jesus said: “….see that ye be not troubled for all these things MUST come to pass..” (Matt 34) AND in John 14 “Let not your heart be troubled… And I will pray to the Father and he shall give you another Comforter; that he may abide with you for ever; Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world CANNOT receive, b/c it seeth him not… but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in YOU. .. Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the WORLD giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”

Dawn wants to share these concerns with her child’s school (*note not public), but doesn’t think it’ll help.
To which I say:
Jesus also said to be as wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove.
1st How much have you paid [your doctor who advocates free-breathing as a choice]? I bet he would gladly sign a document (a Dr.’s Note) stating that Dan must optimize natural levels of air to breath, ya know, to live & all.
A 2nd document to take to the school should state that his parents decline to risk hypoxia [and add bacterial skin &/or lung infections] and if the school wants to force a mask, then they (the school) need to sign a waiver accepting liability for that.
A 3rd set of documents to have with you should reference the violations of FEDERAL and STATE laws on both, and illegalities on both levels, of discriminating against someone who can’t breath well in a mask (thus disabling them) and on the legal side, the illegality of practicing medicine without authority to do so.
Federal Law: although, Code § 12187 could present a problem for NONPUBLIC schools [Since their School is private, it may not fall into “public accommodation” category NOTE: all PUBLIC schools DO, and MUST abide by this LAW to accommodate students and staff who have difficulty functioning with this device]..
It depends on who the school is more scared of: you as the parent or a possible technicality for private schools that MIGHT let them TRY to argue they can legally force it – but cannot shield them from liability non-the-less.
Federal Law: Also, remember the Fourth Amendment, , it doesn’t matter whose property Dan is on, while receiving his state-compulsory education. He still has the right to be secure in his person – YOU as the parent, are in charge of that right!
State LAWS regarding health and WHO can and CANNOT legally enforce any so-called health declaration to those who do not or cannot consent (Schools do not have this authority – parents of children hold that authority for their children; adults hold it for themselves): and
I tell Dawn I’m praying over them.
& as I’m praying, a fury rises up within my Spirit (a word derivative of “to breathe” btw) and I send the message:
I’m mad about what you told me yesterday – about what he says he has to endure all day. That’s some BS. Now, I’ve put together SO MANY dog-gone references over the past year & a half on “face coverings” (as they’re called by politicians in their ‘mandates’ and ‘orders’, due to being unable to lawfully use the word “mask”). I’ve gathered so much information from scientific studies (most of which indicate they provide little, if any actual benefit in this situation, many indicate they can DEFINATELY cause harm, & almost ALL of which say “more research in needed”, NONE definitively PROVE they provide a benefit -> not even the ones on CDC’s site AND especially not the five referenced by Roy Cooper in EO 180**, one of which wasn’t even “science” but an article by Goldman Sachs*** – Those are the psycho-sellouts who announced that ‘curing patients IS NOT a sustainable business model
) !!! The collections of information gathered, experienced, seen & felt, also includes the negative impacts of “facial coverings” not just on physical health but in terms of psychological and developmental harm, and the SPIRITUAL aspect of the cult-like initiation process we (as a society) were subjected to going through, in an attempt to make “face coverings” a ‘cult-ural norm’ rather than taboo, I’m mad about the harms being done, especially to our children, down from the acceptance & compliance of a majority of the public, up to the hypocrisy & FLIP-FLOPS of those who get caught over & over, breaking their own “rules” and just justifying that with a flippant Plato-like “noble-lie” attitude! I’m mad about the continuation of this manufactured-belief-system with examples of those who are so entrenched in putting their faith in all the repetitive ‘noble lies,’ that they couldn’t see the nose in front of their own faces if they were staring in a mirror (literally & figuratively)! I’m mad that everyday folks, like you indicated, have been lulled into a state of oblivion & cognitive dissonance, as was displayed by his teacher (no matter how well-meaning she is)!

I’ve got so many resources, & I’ve tried to put it all together in summary so many times, but I cannot even do it. It’s too much! A year ago I tried and I typed 38 pages worth of references. FOR WHO & FOR WHAT? When so few even read/pay attention to these articles anyway!!!!!! The information is anywhere & everywhere, yet scattered all over the place, mostly censored to the masses who don’t realize they don’t know what they don’t know. For those of US who can acknowledge this paradox of knowledge, we can learn rather quickly, that once we figure out what it is we’re seeking and how to find it… it becomes as easy to see as the nose on our visible, healthy faces.

I’m going to just upload a few recent pdfs; themselves full of scores of recent references. PLEASE look over them tonight BEFORE your meeting tomorrow b/c when this little child says he can’t breathe well, well that’s WRONG & wrong & wrong and NOT right and Wrong and WRONGGGGGG and that makes me MAD.

See: “2021-02 Review of Scientific Reports of Harms Caused By Face Masks…” PDF A 25 page review with 32 citation notes, and author, Denis G. Rancourt, PhD’s attestation of competency & expertise for evaluation of such scientific studies for publication, NOT in a scientific journal, but for ANYONE to access, read, and follow the sourced documentation links. “Indeed, harms from prolonged masking are increasingly being documented in many scientific studies, especially in the areas of healthcare workers, school children, newborn infants, and bacterial infections in the general population..” view/download for yourself below OR visit the site: “Review of scientific reports of harms caused by face masks, up to February 2021”
See: 2021 PDF book “Proof That Face Masks Do More Harm Than Good” (also referenced as “111 Reasons to Consider That Face masks Do More Harm Than Good”) by Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc (Sunday Times Bestselling Author) In his conclusion he notes in part: “The evidence clearly shows that mask wearing is likely to do no good but a great deal of harm. The big lie, which the WHO, governments everywhere and YouTube want to disseminate, is that wearing masks is essential to control covid-19. But the medical and scientific evidence (banned by YouTube and most mass media) shows that masks have little or no useful effect but can increase the risk of infection and can make breathing difficult. … Cloth masks are permeable to 97% of viral particles…” After intro & prolog, the online version’s starting page is 15, titled: “Masks and Mask Wearing: 111 Facts You Must Know” pdf available to view for free at the author’s site:

Dawn thanked me. (8/19/2021)

I saw Dawn & Dan recently (9/12/2021)
After attempting to stand her ground on the issue of needless, obsessive, unreliable “COVID” testing of the healthy child, & students being banned from school if a sibling has the sniffles, & even the shut down of the whole school multiple times in the course of just a few weeks with only online classes, because someone there “tested positive” …. how much fight can one already beat-up-mama take?
The child has “pimples” on his face. He is 7 years old.

~ Again ~
Mamas: rise! Rise Like LIONS
Raise the Pride!
We need one another and we need to rise like lions & protect our cubs. One mama can’t do by herself! Two is only a little stronger… But many? Together, We’re fierce & formidable if you dare try to monk with our young!

**North Carolina’s Governor’s Executive Order 180 by Roy A. Cooper III says: “WHEREAS, examples of studies studying the effectiveness of face coverings include...” research “Face Masks and GDP” June 29, 2020 by Goldman Sachs, which unequivocally states “ As late as March 30, the World Health Organization advised that there was ‘no specific evidence to suggest that the wearing of masks by the mass population has any potential benefit.‘ Since then, however, the public health community’s thinking has changed dramatically and many governments have started to require the wearing of face masks. Should the United States follow suit with a national mandate? This is inherently a political decision..”

***Gov Roy Cooper referenced Goldman Sach, which acknowledges that even The W.H.O. Doesn’t recommend “masks for all” but politicians like Gov Roy Cooper may, for the love of money, of course! (See how that circular reasoning works?) This is the same FINANCIAL institution which said that in the field of medicine, “cures” are NOT a good business model. Now that’s just EVIL, by Biblical definitions! “Goldman Sachs asks in biotech research report: ‘Is curing patients a sustainable business model?’ .. analysts attempted to address a touchy subject for biotech companies, especially those involved in the pioneering ‘gene therapy’ treatment: cures could be bad for business in the long run.” (April 2018) But a “gene therapy” which needs new boosters for new variants every few months? Well, THAT would fit the (dollar) bill.

NewSpeak Quote: Anthony Fauci says, “Masks are really for infected people to prevent them from spreading infection to people who are not infected rather than protecting uninfected people from acquiring infection. The typical mask you buy in the drug store is not really effective in keeping out [the] virus, which is small enough to pass through the material.” #FlipFlops required to spread the veiled truth
Freedom In Truth Song: “Truths and Rights” by Ian Brown ft. the Celestial Militia
“Render your hearts and not your garments, The truth is there for who have eyes to see. Partiality has no place in this judgment, Remember the words of prophecy.
Children run, come to truths & rights, That’s what I’m about; You know the truths and rights,
Teach it to the children
Run, come to truths and rights, Teach it to the children, that they should know; Know, know, know, know.
Children say a little prayer, Every night before you go to sleep, ‘Cause tomorrow is promised to no one
When you think it’s peace & safety, there could be sudden destruction ’cause we know, yes, we know,
Remember these few words I say to you;
Remember the words I’m saying to you right now; And for tomorrow and henceforth, I say:
Render your hearts and not your garments
The truth is there, for who have eyes to see. Partiality has no place in this judgment, Remember the words of prophecy
Children run, come to truths & rights
That’s what I’m about
You: Know the truths and rights
Teach it to the children!
Run, come to truths and rights
Teach it to the children!”
Link to listen:
&/or listen using:
Scripture to hide in Heart: “Rise up, you women who are carefree, And hear my voice, You confident and unsuspecting daughters! Listen to what I am saying.” Isaiah 32:9

Feel Free ~ Share & Share a like & a link: #BlissWithoutIgnorance, #GetMadOrGoMad, #WeDoNotConsent, #RiseLikeLions, #RaiseThePride, #NCmamas, #MomsRise, #ProtectYourChildren, #ShareYourSmile, #Breathe, #BreatheFreely, #OurChildren, #OurChoice, #Ican, #ICanDecide, #MAMM, #CHD, #WeSayNo, #WeAreFree, #MillionsAgainstMedicalMandates, #NothingForced, #NothingCoerced, #NoKingCooper, #MassMaskMadness, #FlipFlops, #FlipFloppers, #NorthCarolina, #NCDHHS, #MandyKCohen, #MandyCohen, = #DrPepper, #NoDrMandy, #UnlicensedCohenMD, #UnlicensedMandy, #NoDrPepper, #DocMcStuffinsNC, #RoyCooper, #EarlyTreatment, #EarlyTreatmentWorks, #ImpeachCooper, #GovernorCooper, #ImpeachRoyCooper, #cc4cr, #NoNewNormal, #NoGreatReset,  #NoCOVID1984, #NoBraveNewWorldOrder, #Covid1984, #BraveNewWorld, #BraveNewWorldOrder, #StopTheMandate, #StopTheMandates, #EndTheMandate, #NoMandate, #WakeUp, #WakeUpUSA, #WakeUpChurch, #WeThePeople, are #TooBigToFail, #ReOpenUSA, #VitaminD, #VitaminDforAll, #WhoDiedAndCORONAtedBillGatesKing, #DonatedHydroxychloroquine, #HydroxychloroquineWithheld, #IvermectinRestricted, #IvermectinForHumans, #IvermectinForImmigrants, #WeSayNo, #PeoplePower, #InformedConsent, #HealNC, #HealthFreedom, #StandForHealthFreedom, #NCbeFree, #ToBeRatherToSeem ~ Free!

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