Stand For Health Freedom or Fall For Medical Tyranny

We have a wise saying that goes a little something like this: “If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything.” This old-spun wisdom didn’t just pop out of a Katy Perry pop song, no. It’s attributable from as far back as the likes of Alexander Hamilton, through its frequent use during the civil rights movement.

In North Carolina, USA we’ve been bombarded with the most ludicrous, arbitrary, capricious, and down-right ridiculous mainstream STORY for almost a year & a half. And when I say “ridiculous” I literally mean “deserving of ridicule.” The absolute absurdity of repeated false-assertions, orders, requirements, and unsigned, Roy-al Decrees (on which all the rest of the mandates LIE), based on NOTHING other than “Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics,” (endorsed by Bill Gates, himself right here) uttered by idiot puppet politicians, & by pretend “doctor” the likes of whom have never seen, much less treated an NC patient, nor even licensed to be DOLING OUT medical advice for ANYTHING, and by News You Can’t Trust, would be laughable – if it wasn’t having such devastating real-world consequences. “Stand For Health Freedom” has been working to try counter the delusional STORIES the black box puts out onto screens as FACTS You Must Believe, which spill over as if it was some kind of “Scientific GOSPEL,” all over our state infecting us like some evil bioweapon. For over a year, Stand For Health Freedom NC has advocated for US to share information with our “leaders” (aka loonies) about BIG PROBLEMS with their “theories” on what they THINK they know “works” yet, when we stop & actually LOOK around, WHO are we supposed to trust? The lunatics running this asylum, or our own lying eyes? Some issues addressed by the advocacy group have been: The possible dangers of mandating MASKS for everyone, The big problems with the rt-PCR tests, The dangerous consequences of rushing ANY liability-free, needle-concoction of propriety, synthetic ingredients, coded with “the software of LIFE hackers” with the real-immunity provided for felonious producers of it, and NOW, “mandates” from the private sector to try to force their employees to get that warped product! NC, USA, we are right on track to the two-tier Caste system that comes with QR Coded Vaccine Passports & our state is set up and ready to divide & conquer. The most egregious of offenders? The “Health Care” sector! The state says, anyone working in THEIR facilities must get shot. Many hospitals, urgent cares, and doctor’s offices have followed suit. MEANWHILE the Loonies tell US the cases are SKYROCKETING (as are Pfizer’s stock prices) & we’d better “do what they know works” because we’re in the exact same situation we were in nearly 18 months ago! (So did “what they know works” really work? Methinks: No.) The hospitals are going to be overwhelmed yet firing nurses who have been in this for a year & a half, who have already been exposed &/or had the illness, who’ve existed on the “front lines” this whole time with no shot, are expendable? That doesn’t even make a shred of sense. But nonsense has become the norm.

It’s past time to Stand For Health Freedom or Fall For Medical Tyranny! The deeper we allow the Lunatics’ STORY-tellers to dig, the harder it will be for US to get outta the hell hole they’re currently constructing.

Here’s the Call-To-Action link YOU can use to contact CEOs & support your neighbor’s ability to think for themselves: There is a pre-written statement you can use OR you can add a statement of your own OR give them a FULL piece of peace (for the moment). Below is a very short summary (considering all there is to say on this subject) of the Idiocracy governing the minds of those in power in North Carolina:

Unacceptable Policy
When WE were “all in this together,” the ‘non-essential’ among us diligently did our part and stayed home for 15, then 30 days, to “slow the spread,” & “flatten the curve.”  We ‘non-essential’ people applauded our neighbors who HAD to put themselves in harm’s way & bravely face the perils of the NEW (possibly deadly) pathogen, which we were all TOLD would likely overwhelm the healthcare systems, making health-care workers particularly vulnerable, needed, valued, and valiant. 
Fast-forward a year & a half and We all look around at all We have learned. We The People (many of US) have been able to clearly determine the following: 
1) This is NOT a dangerous new 1918-Influenza-like illness, as was first described, killing millions of people in their prime within a matter of days, sometimes hours, NO.  We know the vast majority of those who succumb to death are vulnerable, elderly folks with pre-existing conditions, who receive no early treatment upon first exhibiting symptoms!
2) The early-on asymptomatic carrier presumption has been shown to be purely speculative and theoretical in nature; with the possibility of such transmission consistently shown to be “very rare”. In all practicality, the probability of a healthy person with NO signs of communicable disease accidently spreading germs through aerosolized spit droplets is minimal at most!  Certainly healthy humans are NO MORE of a walking biohazard to other humans NOW, than healthy humans ever have been throughout the course of history.
3) Pfizer (and their investors) are literally making a killing off of US.  This corporation has a long FELONY history and has paid billion$ to settle civil and criminal charges in its recent history.  
modeRNA had never even brought a product to market before this; their new tech which they brag is their way of “hacking the software of life” is a reprehensible insult to anyone who believes in ANY form of intelligent design (religious or NOT).  
J&J has caused Americans unspeakable heartache, callously & knowingly concealing carcinogens in BABY products AND in its roles in the Opioid epidemic, which has been made even WORSE by prescription-crackdowns coupled with street alternative contaminates, AND lock-down “health expert” policies passed down to US as if their edicts are laws we must embrace.
The ‘vaccines’ from these legally-liable-free, publicly traded companies, subsidized by US, have been in use (under EUA) for only 8 months, 18 days;  The virus, we’re told, has only been in the States 1 year, 5 months, 22 days (as of the date of this letter). There is NO logical way ANY person on this earth can possibly verify they are “safe and effective” and repeating that phrase over & over again doesn’t magically make it true!  We have NO reason to “trust” these Big Corporations with our most important asset, our health, when they’ve shown time & time again, THEY are in this for PROFIT at the expense of the taxpayers (but advertised to the same as “free”), and THEY cannot even be sued when their BRAND NEW bioengineered, injectable products lead to injury, health conditions &/or death (as per the 2020 PREP act).
4) All three vaccines for the novel virus in use in The USA have caused ‘serious injury’ &/or ‘death,’ as reported to the only follow-up system in use, VAERS (the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System).  The Yellow-Card data in Europe shows the same trends. The NEW vaccines you are attempting to MANDATE on otherwise healthy humans can, will, and already have caused irreparable harm [including tens of thousands of correlative adverse events such as death and permanent disability!].
Where are your ethics?  Do you remember your Hippocratic Oath?  “First: Do No Harm”
5) There are many ways to boost our own immune systems and live healthy lives, making US more resilient against ANY germ with which we may become infected. As CEOs and leaders of NC businesses, it would behoove you to encourage and incentivize your SICK employees to stay home and quarantine, seek medical treatments, and be ready to return to work when they’ve overcome the illness and are once again healthy.  Leaders and “health experts” could and should be encouraging healthy lifestyles, easy-to-incorporate exercise, real & healthy foods, and the use of vitamins, minerals and supplements which have been safely used for millennia, which would help (or at least NOT hurt) residents of NC (and The USA) to become more healthy in general.  We could easily do this without a one-size-fits-all, unproven medical intervention for one particular new virus we may contract OR may have already had (and thus, already have a form of immunity for, and its possible variants). This kind of focus on TRUE health would be far preferable to forcing or attempting to coerce this ‘solution’ which MAY help or MAY hurt depending on one’s personal experiences, tolerances, allergies, and genetic make-up.  
6) Early treatments in OUR country have been unduly vilified. Licensed doctors, health care providers, and nurses who have and are actively experiencing what it’s like to treat patience are being mistreated for actually treating COVID-19, using their experience as “practicing” physicians and health professionals.  They’ve done far better at lessening the devastating impact than have the “health expert” bureaucrats and politicians, who never see patients and don’t even practice what they preach!
Restricting access to generic drugs is reprehensible!  When practicing doctors think a medication (or combination of interventions) listed on the World Health Organization’s own list of essential medicines might work, and their sick patients agree they’d rather try that than nothing, then denying access to potentially life-saving prescription medications (available OTC, in many countries) is an egregious & inhuman act.    Early medical interventions have, should, can, and will be preferable to having people go home if they catch COVID-19, get worse, then admit them once they reach a crippling state of unnecessarily escalated illness where they cannot even breath, THEN admitting them [to a hospital with a profitable ‘COVID-19 reimbursement code’] & putting them on a “vent” to die, in front of all the nurses who have been heroes, helplessly watching this insanely repetitive travesty-of-a-charade over the past 18 months!  
In summary, to US, in our point of view, The People who diligently did our part to “slow the spread,” and continue do our part to stay & keep our children healthy, whether WE are deemed “essential” or not:  THIS treatment of your employees is unfathomable to US!  It is outlandish, egotistical & in many cases, hypocritical, that CEOs in our state have the audacity to think they can take the most basic, fundamental, and intimate health choices away from their own employees, (particularly in the the healthcare industry, where nurses have gone from hero to zero in a mere matter of months).  
“Where there is a risk, there must be a choice.”  WE (The People) learned this over a hundred years ago (there is NO shortage of on-the-books laws as well as legal case precedent to validate this)!  Your attempted & coercive “mandates” are immoral, illegal and unconstitutional.  We North Carolinians can see clearly. Can you?  Can you see that rushed-vaccination, which has already had immediate adverse reaction reports & may have long-term risks, CANNOT be forced into someone with the threat of losing their livelihoods if they chose to opt-out of whatever proprietary concoction is in that -94 degree vial?!?
Anyone who WANTS those injections has every right to get them (as per NC’s Secretary of DHHS’s unlicensed “doctor’s” proclamations, The CDC’s urges, The NIAID’s conflicted endorsements, and The FDA’s EUA & whatever other stamp of approval the liability-immune & captured agencies choose to give it).  
Have faith in your own employees, they are intelligent enough to make their own, wise health choices; an explanation of which they do not owe to their employers, regardless of their personal health choices, especially in this ‘novel’ situation. 
In The USA, we’ve known since our inception, that well-informed citizens who make individual choices are, in general, the greatest asset to our society as a whole.
This is a stark contrast to EVERY other society in history who has attempted to rule & subjugate their citizenry, using tactics of intimidation, shame, and the “stick” of brute punishment & penalties for those who question authorities who claim that such citizens’ personal sacrifices will benefit an unproven and unprovable, theoretical “greater good.”  End the unethical chaos. End the immoral coercion. End the mandates.     Thanks You.
~ NC Liberty Belle

~ North Carolina neighbors: YOUR TURN. Go. ~

Newspeak LIE:  Deeming healthy humans as biohazards (with the burden of proof on THAT person, NOT any presumption of innocence, Guilford County shows its ignorance by saying ‘wearing a mask is more comfortable than a ventilator’. REALLY? The same ‘vents’ we learned 18 months ago were CONTRIBUTING to deaths? AND financially benefiting hospitals with a $39,000 price-tag for COVID (but a $13,000 for pneumonia) diagnostic code? Guilford County Commissioner – who is part of the 9 person board which has given itself self-claimed authority that the elected group of politicians say, makes it ok to dub themselves as a “Health Board” and call their “mandates” “laws” & even threaten fines for businesses who won’t police and patrons who aren’t wearing a mask – regardless of assumption of their reason! Shame on YOU: you are either very ignorant, or very BIG liars (possibly both).

Scriptures to hide in Heart: Daniel 6:1-28 (see below under “Unsigned Decree by Governor Roy Cooper III”) Even Darius the Mede actually SIGNED the decrees he’d get sucked into making, which threw his people to the lions to be devoured unless protected by angels!

Freedom In Truth Song : MINDSEED – The Sheeple

“Turn off the TV, it’s a sedative…
I think we’re here, we’re at the precipice
Will we walk over the edge with our heads down in our phones? Trying to answer all the messages,
as we miss the most important one that’s coming from the soul…
I talked to you but you seemed so confused
because you made your truth what you saw on the news… It’s a catch 22, is the world just a zoo? ..
So open your wings and fly like an eagle
Upward, together, forever
if we wake up before it’s too late” or

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Embedded Sources, Links w Commentary:

Repeated False-Assertions: “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed” ~ Adolf Hitler / his propagandist, Joseph Goebbels

“Orders” example: adopted 8/10/2021 “The Guilford County Board of County Commissioners in their [self-appointed] capacity as the Guilford County Board of Health, order… [mass mask madness (again, because THAT works so well* note sarcasm & see “requirements” below, by the big city within this county a full ONE year, 1 month, 20 days ago!

Requirements” example: dated 6/22/2020 “City of Greensboro to Require Face Coverings within the City Limits” reiterated by “order” of “authority” & fine threats by Guilford County, NC a full ONE year, 1 month, 20 days later!!!

Unsigned Decree by Governor Roy Cooper III: under which (presumably), all other actions are justified EVEN THOUGH he didn’t even bother to SIGN his own starting Executive Order “declaring” the initiation of this never-ending “State of Emergency.” Even when Darius the Mede was king, his advisors made him write his decree that could not be canceled or changed, which landed Daniel in the Lion’s Den! (Daniel 6:1-28)

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics, the COVID-1984 edition, as presented by James Corbett 4/20/2020

Bill Gates recommends: “Lying with statistics” The philanthropist psychopath states matter-of-factly (minus the facts): “In fact, I’d say it’s more relevant than ever. One chapter shows you how visuals can be used to exaggerate trends and give distorted comparisons. It’s a timely reminder, given how often infographics show up in your Facebook and Twitter feeds these days.” – William Gates III recommends LYING With Statistics.

Idiot puppet politician example: NC Governor, Roy Cooper, an actor for Pfizer, Pharma, & Big Banks (and  Krispy Kreme)

Pretend Doctor: deserving of both ridicule AND manslaughter charges “She’s Ruling and Ruining NC” Mandy Krauthamer Cohen, Unlicensed MD

North Carolina’s Doctor is Unlicensed to be a doctor, and is in fact, NOT an actual “doctor” in North Carolina (which is illegal yet the highest paying unelected gig in the State somehow)

News You Can’t Trust & Facts You Must Believe example 2019: The News Orders US to FEAR Fox News (the one you can trust on the RIGHT, right?) “Remember, there is no treatment for measles… before the vaccination, it claimed the lives of millions of people per year.. whether you received the vaccination or not,.in 2019 you should be afraid of getting measles The only fact offered in this “news” article is the following “This is flatly false.”

News You Can’t Trust & Facts You Must Believe exposure 2018: “Fake Fake News Is a Danger to Our Fake Democracy” April 5th, 2018

News You Can’t Trust & Facts You Must Believe – “Scientific…”The study of ‘science’ is asking questions & looking for proof. (7/27/2020) America’s Front Line Doctors “White Coat Summit” Washington, DC @9:15 “I tell all of you doctors that are sitting down and watching Americans die, you’re like..” (she sighs, pauses, shakes her head) @9:23 “the ‘good Nazi;’ the ‘good Germans’ that watched Jews get killed and you did not speak up.” ~ Dr. Stella Immanuel
News You Can’t Trust & Facts You Must Believe – “…Gospel” Faith is just believing without evidence. (7/28/2020) Censorship & Propaganda
WOW!!! Fox ATE on THEIR side: “A study found [Local Fox 8 hyperlinks to national CNN article – not to a study] that neither hydroxychloroquine alone nor hydroxychloroquine plus azithromycin appeared to affect the condition of patients at the 15-day mark. Additionally, unusual heart rhythms and elevated liver-enzyme levels were more frequent in patients receiving hydroxychloroquine alone or with azithromycin, according to the study.” [which is, indeed accurate when you use unusually elevated toxic overdose amounts of ANY otherwise safe medication!]
Just WOW: “…featured a group of people wearing white lab coats calling themselves “America’s Frontline Doctors”… Is CNN repeated locally here on Fox 8, really trying to imply that these aren’t even REAL doctors? (They are & verifiably so.) Where was THAT scrutiny at the so-called “counter protests” of #ReOpenNC? Where IS THAT scrutiny of NC’s own Dr. Pepper, Mandy-tory Cohen practicing medicine without ANY license, gettin’ paid by US nearly 200k/year to lie to US and withhold potentially life-saving meds from the most vulnerable?!? I laughed above bc it’s so obviously fake… but to those who DON’T KNOW that? #GetMadOrGoMad #NoDrPepper #NoKingCooper

Scientific Gospel: the newest (old) religion. (cued @51:40: [Real] Dr. Simone Gold, MD & JD, of “America’s Frontline Doctors” (AFLD), and author of the book, “I Do Not Consent,” took questions after speaking in April 2021:
Question: “So much of this, with the experimental vaccine, seems so intuitive. what in your option, is the reason that so many public officials and doctors have just embraced this whole push toward the vaccines and why they ALL drink the Kool-Aid?”
Answer: Dr. Gold tells the story of prescribing this essential medicine & the medical director telling her suddenly NOT to do that – she’s given meds that have been FDA approved & which she’d always given, which she knew to be safe, and would work with Zinc…she describes how this made her wonder:
His behavior was so weird; Why was he caring what I did? Honestly, it’s an FDA approved medicine’ it’s been around for 65 years; his BEHAVIOR was so weird…” 
She notes that the director was calling it “unsafe.”
“…  ‘Unsafe?  It’s got, like, the highest track record, it’s safer than Tylenol and Aspirin.  What are you talking about?’  And they’re actually saying this.” 
She says she’s grown Spiritually over this past year & she really thinks it’s SPIRITUAL and gives an example of a pregnant woman who won’t take a puff from a cigarette, won’t take a sip of wine, won’t eat sushi…
“‘..but roll it up give it to me here, it’s brand new’!
(she says, pointing at her arm)
But think about that. That’s BIZARRE!
It’s BIZARRE, and that’s your question. … I’ve given it so much thought;
I truly think it’s a RELIGION!
It’s a new religion; It’s so inexplicable otherwise.  That’s my best answer.

Stand For Health Freedom, NC:

Mad Mask Madness (advocacy)

Testing Crazed (advocacy):

Vax Facts (advocacy): “Liability-Free Products Put Our Children at Risk”

.Gov says Immunity is for vaccine makers & those who do the poking – PREP Act:

Software-Of-Life-Hackers modeRNA ~ Moderna’s top scientist: ‘We are actually hacking the software of life’ That sounds more than just sacrilegious, it’s more like a NEW (old) religion, in its own right.

Pfizer Felons:

North Carolina’s Vaccine Passport System is setup & ready to GO:

North Carolina’s Vaccine Passport System gets into media & your nerves:

“Stand For Health Freedom”

VAERS Data showed reports of 13,911 Deaths, and 18,098 cases of Permanent Disability as of August 27, 2021 “still shot” – (closest known data, at the time of the submission of letters to private company heads). Link embedded above

VAERS Data showed reports of 14,506 Deaths, and 18,439 cases of Permanent Disability through September 3, 2021 “still shot” ~ (data corresponding closely to the time of THIS publication) Reference Link to date

VAERS Data for COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ adverse event reports ~ updated weekly (each Friday) Reference Link to follow

“Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics” The Manipulation of Public Opinion in America Paperback – June 1, 1976

#BlissWithoutIgnorance, #GetMadOrGoMad, #WeDoNotConsent, #StandForHealthFreedom, #WeSayNo, #PeoplePower, #InformedConsent, #HealNC, #HealNCTriad, #HealthFreedom, #NCbeFree, #ToBeRatherToSeem ~ Free! #NothingForced, #NothingCoerced, #NoDrPepper, #NoKingCooper, #GuilfordCounty, #GuilfordCountyCommissioners, #GuilfordHealth, #GuilfordBoardShame, #NorthCarolina, #NCDHHS, #RestrictedPrescription, #DonatedHydroxychloroquine, #HydroxychloroquineWithheld, #HCQwithheld, #Ivermectin, #IvermectinForHumans (for decades) #IvermectinHorses #MandyKCohen, #DrEvil, #DocMcStuffins, #MandyCohen = #DrPepper, #NoDrMandy, #UnlicensedCohenMD, #FakeDoctor, #FakeDr #FakeDrNC #FakeDoctorNC #RoyCooper, #ImpeachCooper, #GovernorCooper, #ImpeachRoyCooper, , #NoNewNormal, #NoGreatReset, #NoCOVID1984, #NoBraveNewWorldOrder, #WeThePeople are #TooBigToFail, #ReOpenUSA, #VitaminD, #Zinc, #VitaminDforAll, #WhoDiedAndCORONAtedBillGatesKing, #WeveGotYourShot #BatShot #MassMaskMadness

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