Why I Support Our Last Chance To Fight For Freedom

The following question was posed to me by a close family member: “You keep talking about reopen NC, but if there is an actual virus, that’s actually killing people, isn’t it safer to keep social distancing until it clears out? I know there’s a behind the scenes agenda, but isn’t the virus significant? I’m just trying to better understand” My attempt to answer would span the course of a few days… but my hope is that my less-than-popular-on-the-surface explanation will open minds and hearts alike.

1st Amendment to the US Constitution gives “We the People” inalienable Rights of Religious Freedom, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Peaceful Assembly, and Freedom to Petition the Government of Grievances WE may have.

So Let’s look at some numbers (as of 4/18/2020)

US population est. 329,227,746

According to the John Hopkins FEAR map, US has 726,645 cases; 37,938 with “presumed” deaths*.

Assuming these numbers are accurate, 00.22% of the US is infected. Assuming these numbers are accurate, 00.0115% of the US have deaths “associated with” COVID-19.

NC population est. 10,488,084

According to the John Hopkins FEAR map, NC has 6,320 cases; 187 with “presumed” deaths*. Assuming these numbers are accurate, NC has an infection rate of 00.0060% Deaths “associated with” COVID-19 is 00.001783%

Guilford County population est. 517,197

According to the John Hopkins FEAR map, Guilford Co has 176 cases; 13 with “presumed” deaths*. Assuming these numbers are accurate, Guilford has an infection rate of 00.0340% Deaths “associated with” COVID-19 is 00.00251%.

Do even these FEAR statistics justify the nullification of our most basics of liberty? Even if these statistics are scary, Do you not find it the least bit insulting that the government thinks that We The People are too stupid to take precautions on our own? I’ve not advocated for anyone to stop being cautious.

I stated publicly on 4/2/2020 (and this is a statement I stand behind): “I agree that closing places that require compulsory attendance (example schools) is wise. Giving options to either work-from-home or take *compensated* time off for ANY employee who chooses to, is wise. [I personally think this should have been an available option well before it was legislated]. People who choose to ONLY go in public if/when necessary, wear gloves, take precautions, & sanitize anything & everything before re-entering their homes are wise. The point of sharing this, was certainly not to imply that anything is a hoax or joke… historically speaking once freedoms are given up, they don’t get returned. Locking up a religious leader, of a setting that is completely voluntary to attend, sets an extremely dangerous precedent.”

Right now, the government is doing far more harm than good. The leaders issue edicts that override liberties people literally died for us to have. And now We willingly give them up, out of the fear of death? The government is FORCING US to to shut down small businesses, disallowing/limiting children to be seen and cared for by doctors, tracking and controlling the movement of supposedly free individuals, locking up the innocent and letting out criminals,

and all because a few very rich and very powerful “experts” have bought themselves positions of power. If you go to a doctor for a stumped toe and he recommends cutting your foot off, Methinks you’d get a second opinion! But govt leaders aren’t doing that.

[tbc] I have a plethora of more reasons as to have more faith in “We The People” than in these corrupt politicians.

In the Meantime consider this:

I’m NOT ok with the following:

– Mandatory Digital Certificates to return to “our new normal”.

– Digital Dollars to compensate “those affected.”

– Digital Tracking and Surveillance to quarantine people who might have been in recent contact with an infected person in the future.

– Drones chasing people down while following social distancing orders, out for a walk an open field.

– Robotic Police in the streets, chasing one person who is alone on the street.

– Pulling a person off a surf board and arresting him.

– Arresting a woman, in a parking lot, who was following social distancing guidelines, but for whatever reason, didn’t leave the moment cops told her to, arrested and thrown in jail with over a dozen other inmates; no masks, given hand sanitizer after several hours, keeping her in custody overnight.

– Over 2 dozen armed police officers without gloves or masks showing up to a CHILD’s birthday party at a private residence, that had a big family, and approaching the peaceful celebrators, who, becoming less peaceful (but only verbally), backed away from the approaching police line closing in on THEM with one officer actually man-handled the mom and child.

– Injured children being told NOT to go to the doctor OR the hospital, advised to “telemedicine” resulting in who-knows-how-many-suffering children, one dear to my heart, instructed via doctor’s tele-orders to “see how it goes” only to find out 5 days later, the five-year-old child had a through-and-through bone break!

– Throwing out food, rotting food in the fields, and slaughtering animals because the government doesn’t think farmers &/or the processing of food &/or delivery of food are “essential”

– Artificial food & resource scarcities for the same reason.

– Real food & resource scarcities to come due to governmental edict.

– Small businesses owners forced to close their businesses while Walmart, Publix, Target, and Amazon hire.

– Elderly people dying alone of things other than COVID-19, just dying for one last hug or even one last moment to tell family members goodbye.

– Tax dollar bailing out irresponsible Big Businesses (again, “too big to fail”)

– The ticketing cars at Churches, following social distancing guidelines.

– Forbidding Church attendance. But allowing Walmart shopping. During Passover & On Easter Sunday.

& I am NOT OK with a state governor stopping ME from doing something, ANYTHING that God has ordained and is soundly moral. The Bible says, “if any among you are sick, call for the elders of the church to come pray for him,” It say to “lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.” Any Christian who believes that and CHOOSES to do that instead of what some governor wants them to do, has the legal right to follow God’s law and their own convictions over man’s; (especially considering these stats are far, far, lower than predicted, this is NOT a deadly Ebola or an Incurable Plague) and there are MANY other inconsistencies I’d love to point out later.

I paused here ………………………………………………

In the Book, 1984, the term “Newspeak” is used to address how words have become limited and/or weaponized. You can look at this as “New Speak” and/or as “News Peak” and/or even “News Speak” depending on the context. (By the way, domestic propaganda is perfectly legal now. The media didn’t announce that. Oh the irony.)

Now we must examine the manipulation behind the parameters being associated with words we understand as something different:

“Death” * The CDC has advised governments, Medical Doctors, and even political figures that anyone who is suspected of having COVID-19 should have it as a “contributing factor” on their death certificates and those “assumed” deaths are being listed in the FEAR chart statistics. “Suspicion” can vary from anyone showing Flu-like symptoms to simply being in a “high-risk” category (for example being elderly). Even if the underlying cause is NOT COVID-19, but a test*** later reveal the person had it OR upon further examination, Medical Examiners decide they were probably COVID-19 positive, BY EDICT, now they MUST list that on the death certificate.

So, by that rational, if I’m walking down the empty streets of downtown GSO and I gag on my seltzer water and stumble in front of a bus and die, officials can check the security cameras, see me coughing, and presume I had it. Blunt-force trauma may be listed as the primary cause of death but COVID-19 would ALSO be listed as a “contributing factor” or even an “underlying C.O.D.”. My accidental death would go down as a COVID statistic.

(The CDC mandated these new coded inclusions** on the say-so of The WHO, and they’ve admitted this on their site.)

This should prompt us to look at the changes made in the middle of tracking (other than assignment of “deaths”).

What does “Confirmed” mean?

On 3/24/2020 “… There are several types of test kits now approved for COVID-19 testing. Their sensitivity rate ranges from 30 percent to at best, 71 percent, depending on what the specimen used for the test was.” ***

This calls into question the legitimacy of the assignment of the very word “confirmed.” If “confirmed” cases are relying on faulty tests, how can we trust any of that data? Furthermore, the implication was actually that “there are far MORE cases than we suspected, OMGness, there are sooooo many sick people” and they just kinda ignored the question regarding false positives. But assuming that’s the case, assume that testing isn’t catching all positives and far more people HAVE been exposed to the illness then they originally thought: Why isn’t Wesley Long Hospital overflowing right now? If people got sick and got better on their own, and didn’t need hospitalization, didn’t even realize they HAD COVID-19, why shut down the world? ANY WAY we look at it, if the “confirmed” cases are under-reported, over-reported or accurate, it STILL isn’t the doomsday scenario they had predicted.

Furthermore, the most recent confirmation test the CDC is using is one called “rt-pcr test” and is admittedly not valid on its face, scientifically. According to the “inventor” of it (Kary Mullis, born in NC), the test amplifies genetic material and was never designed for the purposes of diagnosis of anything, just research. The tests also fails to meet the “Koch Postulate” criteria of standards (and even more recent adaptations of it, such as that of Fredricks and Relman’s updated methods for the 21st Century). These are methods that the scientific community, including Medical Doctors and Virologists have used for over 130 years! **** [since sending this, it has come to light that the first CDC tests, as Governor Cooper so boldly stated in his live update where he took questions from the media but not the people, were “inconclusive”. Again, it has been clearly reveled, if you read carefully, it specifically states that tests were rendered inconclusive because they were CONTAMINATED. But Gov. “Coop’em” didn’t mention that.]

Another change in statistics parameters that we should NOT overlook: up until a few weeks ago, the FEAR chart listed recoveries. Now instead, it lists how many people have been “tested.” In the USA, they now use the rt-pcr test for that statistic but not so in other countries. Then the media compares the USA’s FEAR numbers to other countries with little or no other context, and then openly PRAISE the most oppressive and communists of governments for being able to “contain” the “deadly virus.” (again, words being weaponized).

It’s quite obvious to me that those Regimes certainly contained their citizen’s freedoms.

& I’m still not done. ………………………………………………..

When attempting to solve any mystery, the long-held wisdom is to ask the question: Cui bono? Latin for “Who Benefits?”

Well, The WHO, certainly (Listen to The Who? Depends of which one! The head of the World Health Organization, the health division of the UN (United Nations), is a former Ethiopian Dictator, nominated and put in place by the Chinese Communist Party. He is NOT a doctor nor physician nor a medical specialist. I’d prefer to listen to “The Who” the band that sings the later-re-popularized -CSI songs, in particular, “I pray… WE Don’t Get Fooled Again!” ).

WHO benefits

All those pushing agendas certainly benefit, that’s an obvious one when you know about & understand “The Project for the New American Century,” “Agenda 21,” “Agenda 2030,” “UN Goals for Sustainable Development,” and a litany of other shady “Projects” and “Operations”

And how ’bout all the CEOs that cashed out of the stock market, the sheer number of them that “stepped down” before the financial roller-coaster ride began is uncanny? This should help US see, with 2020 vision, this was more of a pLandemic than pandemic, especially adding that to all we know about Event 201 and the 1st ever publicized Military War Games held in ground zero, Wuhan, China, (in a weird ceremonial chasing-of-a-dove that transforms into a fiery-phoenix), both of which commenced on Oct 18, 2019 … And don’t forget about the Political figures (how ’bout it NC Senator?) who sold THEIR stocks day before? Those are some rabbit holes for a different day…. (Those are medium-sized fish to fry for sure)

But, back on point to the-root-of-evil spreading faster than any virus among people and businesses:

ONGOING governmental monetary incentives of diagnoses and treatment of COVID-19 cannot be discounted either. Though seemingly small fish in the sea of things, monetary incentives, with stated lack of follow-up will inevitably lead to a huge money grab. [Frying enough little fish makes a big meal]

Some people, we know, finally started getting serious about this germ around the time I started officially questioning the legitimacy of the “official narrative” and the insane reactions to it. Feelings of panic and “this is getting real” began to sink in when people started to hear “the real story” from the likes of NY “front line war heroes” in the thick of it. (Think about example: surgeon, Dr. Michelle Gordon). The Doc’s interview lasted around an hour and in it, I notes several inconsistencies of basic logic. One such logical fallacy I heard, was when The doc described that she’d put a line in [meaning intubation / ventilation] and the patient would die and she’d put a line in and the next patient would die, and she’d put a line in and the next patient would die; she said all the ones she’d treated had died.

My 1st thought is: Well, why do you keep “putting lines in” then? That’s the informal definition of insanity! Either that doc is pushing an agenda or (I think the following is more likely) she’s a doc-trained-in-nation… Indoctrinated by the allopathic, all-pathetic (Rockefeller, Eugenics-funded) medical model that trains physicians to think one way and one way only.

My curiosity in why she’s not allowed to “think outside the [ burial ] box” was somewhat answered in days that followed when we learned that The CDC had partnered with another “oh so helpful” government agency, Medicare.

Medicare (which most elderly and disabled people the ones most vulnerable) have has health care, pays to hospitals $4,600 for the treatment of pneumonia. However, admission for COVID-19 now has it’s own special billing code, Medicare pays: $13,000 for COVID-19 admission and additional $39,000 for COVID-19 Ventilations! Many doctors (the kind that don’t get selected for Mockingbird-Stream-Media aka MSM interviews) have pointed out, intubation for medical ventilators are, in the case of COVID-19, doing more harm than good, particularity in elderly patients, with fragile windpipes.

This leads us to a very important maxim that must be understood here:

~ What’s effective isn’t necessarily profitable and what’s profitable isn’t necessarily effective. ~

Alternative treatments that have been tried in various countries have been vastly underused or ignored altogether

– Germany and S. Korea have had extremely promising results using high dose intravenous Vitamin C. But there’s no money in that.

– Australia has had high success rates using Ivermectin. But there’s no money in that.

– Cuba has seen success using Interferon Alpha 2B*****. But there’s no money in that.

Cuba got that idea from China and used it to treat the UK patients taken in from the Caribbean Cruise ship that NO ONE else would accept in their harbors. They shared this info with US on or before March 17.

Have you ever heard of Interferon Alpha 2B, or Ivermectin? More importantly, has your doctor? Or are the doctors too busy listening to the politicians arguing about getting the FDA to approve Hydroxychloroquine and z-packs for off label use?

Another maxim I’ve not heard one MSM talking heads, nor political puppets pandering about:

~ An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure ~

(but only in regards to the patient, not the docs, not the system, not Big Pharma, and not the incoming digitally-certified Vaxxes)

& so sorry but I’m STILL not done ……………………….

It’s not profitable to encourage eating REAL FOOD. No. Turn on the TV and we’ll never hear recommendations for what plants, herbs, vitamins or natural supplements might help boost our immune systems; but during commercial breaks, 5 outta the 8 ads are for “ask your doctor about” drugs. Another depicts the stressed mom who’s smart enough to order a pizza with one touch of the screen on her SMART refrigerator; Another offers a once-in-a-lifetime deal on a brand-new-car you can’t afford with promises to wave payments for the 1st 6 months if you have been “affected by the virus” (restrictions apply) and the other for about how Medicare-Advantage plan is right for YOU! (That is, unless you actually get the virus COVID-19 and they “put a line in ya” and later a bill arrives that ya corpse can’t pay, but good thing you didn’t miss out on buying that life insurance, it’ll cover part of the copay your grieving family, who can’t even grieve at a funeral due to social distancing requirements, is responsible for, after medicare pays the hospital $52,000 plus 8xs whatever morphine costs these days… Plus tax.)

Oh, but then the live press conference comes back on and Tyrants mandate, with the swipe of a pen, on advice of so-called “health officials” : YOU ARE HEREBY ORDERED TO STAY HOME, (during spring), with some governors specifically forbidding even big box stores to sell seeds/gardening supplies, and you can’t go fishing (not even between Mon-Sat) and can’t go to church on Sunday … but you can go to the liquor store, and you can buy a lotto ticket and you can get an abortion. NO haircuts allowed. Essential services only, see?

Some News outlets have gone out of their way to debunk the “conspiracy theory” that: “Home remedies can protect against this”:

“No home remedies can protect against COVID-19, including vitamin C, essential oils, silver colloid, sesame oil, garlic, and sipping water every 15 minutes. The best approach is to adopt a good handwashing regimen and to avoid places where there may be unwell people.” (*6)


It took a man in uniform, a person who has literally fought for freedom, to stand up against tyranny, right here at home.
NC be free.

Remember I went to the Beach in January? I said I’ve never felt healthier, more alive, or more close to God than while out past the breakers. I said I believe the ocean has healing powers.

We get Vitamin D from the sun. Breathing in sea breeze helps clear sinus congestion, helps open my ears. Salt water from the ocean can wave away a cold in no time at all. The salt-soaked sand pulls excess electricity out of my body and gently disperses it into the ground, the way nature intended, the way God designed it.

And now mere mortals, “Close the Ocean” under the premise that they just want to keep us healthy? Something’s not right about that right there…

As “Mr.P”, “Vice Pensive”, “Mike Pompous” and NIAID (more like An-Eye aid) “Dr. Fakie” stand there day after day, all huddled up close, violating social distancing orders, with no masks, no gloves, right in front of US every day, telling US what to do and not do, where to go and not go, and to Stay at Home to “save lives” (with the implication being that if you disobey, you’re a murderer), promising there will be vaxx to save US all soon enough, We the People are being herded into a New World mentality with examples being made of dissidents, with the assistance of the compliant police state!

No society in the history of the world has ever managed an outbreak in the way we’re doing. Quarantine and isolation occur with those who are sick, not those who are well. The idea that we could be carriers and spreaders of COVID-19, but not know that and accidentally infect someone who has a weak immune system, which makes it harder for that person to beat the virus is, indeed, a sound assumption. It’s also sound for Influenza, The Common Cold, Strep Throat, Mono, Pink Eye, Tummy Bugs, Lice infestations, and probably even Cooties.


But make no mistake about this:

Flatten The Curve” is NOT about prevention. It is NOT about keeping US safe &/or healthy. It never has been.

Whether this was a new common cold or a new black plague, #FlattenTheCurve and #StayHomeWithMe and you-must-blindly-follow-social-distancing-guidelines OR the State will DEFY-social-distancing-guidlines-to-get-YOU; is not for YOUR benefit. It’s to cover the asses of a country who spends HALF of the TOTAL of its extremely overblown budget, represented by Federal Reserve Note Debt, that our great-great-grandchildren will eventually inherit (assuming Jesus hasn’t fixed this by then) each year on its DOD (Department Of Defense, aka The Pentagon, aka The MILITARY-Industrial-Intelligence-Complex). The USA spends ½ of the money it takes from its citizens, every year, not on homelessness, not on improving the lives of its citizens, not on teachers, not on poverty, and not on solving problems at home, they spend it on WAR. The USA has over 800 military bases around the world. Think about that: The world only has around 200 countries. The USA is the world’s police with a presence in almost every country that exists; whether that country likes it or not. Our country’s health care system just got caught with its pants down, ready only for a shot (a vax in the rear-end)! But instead of admitting they’ve been doing the wrong thing: wasting resources & (in their eyes) expendable human lives in endless war, “providing for an UNcommon defense” in lieu of “promoting the general welfare” they passed the consequences on to We The People to pay… in more ways than one!

Flatten the Curve?

That’s an Orwellian, UNscientific, NewSpeak term If I ever did hear one. It makes flat-earthers sound like geniuses. All communicable diseases follow the bell curve. That’s just life. The idea behind “flattening the curve” was simply an attempt to not overwhelm these “unprepared” hospitals if the “novel” virus actually was a vicious killer.

“Fact is, the epidemic worldwide, far from ‘growing exponentially,’ is slowing. And that was to be expected per what’s called “Farr’s Law,” which dictates that all epidemics tend to rise and fall in a roughly symmetrical pattern or bell-shaped curve. AIDS, SARS, Ebola, Zika – all followed that pattern. So does seasonal flu each year.” (4/8/2020) (*7)

When I first heard of COVID-19, I was on safety alert. It’s incredibly clear now that it is NOT the killer new pathogen it was predicted to be by the likes of John Hopkins, Bill&MGatesFoundation and the World Economic Forum in their practice runnup, Event 201. the 1st projected estimates were that 2.2 million people would die… then it got lowered to 1.some-odd million “if we did everything right” (Fauci). Not the case. [Then why, pray-tell, are we still falling for their nonsensical computerized projections?]

So if you have a healthy immune system, why be terrified to catch it, since that would allow your body to build antibodies? That’s what ”crazy antivaxer’s” Chickenpox parties are all about, no? [Chickenpox is dangerous if contracted by adults, but that’s not the case in young children. Parents who choose not to vaccinate for Chickenpox often allow their young children to be exposed, build their immune systems and have life-long immunity. I’m not that old and getting chickenpox was a rite of passage when I was growing up.]

How much power will we allow them to take?

The Philippines’ leader who locked down his citizens, ordered police to “shoot to kill” after a non-violent protest was started by quarantined healthy people who hadn’t received their food rations in over 2 weeks.

On the other hand, Sweden is one of the few countries NOT on lock down. Their system is NOT overwhelmed. The people take their own precautions and their government supports that. So why isn’t their model so much worse than anyone else? Maybe because, as stated, germs naturally follow that statistical bell curve despite what freedom rings, cries, dies or sings.


“But look at NY!” “Look at all the graves!” “People are DYING”

Well, how about it, CNN, MSNBC, AP, CBS anybody else SEE-B.S.? Their pants outta be on fire! They outright lie, and lie again, about the images they skew and they just say, “Oh, we regret the mistake,” (without even bothering to remove ‘borrowed’ video’s false portrayal – aired on “CBS This Morning” on March 25, 2020), but that doesn’t unring an unjust, cracked, liberty bell. In the minds of the public, we have images of NY hospitals overflowing with patients on respirators, as Cuomo ‘pleads’ for more vents …BUT those images that we’re recalling was actually footage ripped off of SKY New coverage of one overwhelmed small hospital’s emergency ward in northern Italy, (aired on March 19th). This is the same location, might I add, where they’ve had multiple incidences within the span of the past two years, which included respiratory-related issues such as several air quality/contamination advisories, stating that the pollution was high as well as outbreaks of water-born pathogens that cause characteristics of respiratory illness, contaminating their local water supply. Also, a few weeks before the SKY Italy footage was taken, there were “social equality campaigns” in Italy where Chinese people in Italy were actually wearing signs to get people to hug them, to prove they weren’t racists. (So, again we see comparing countries without context is like comparing apples and oranges.)

Wow, Italy & NY+ have the exact same hospital layout? Those oceans-apart hospitals surely had the same contractor, right? & what a coincidence, the patient captured by Sky News must have an identical twin brother on the other side of the world in New York City who happened to show symptoms and get hospitalized, because that’s logical, no? The Front Line Heroes even wear the same shade of green or blue PPE in the exact same positions and drink bottled Coke-a-cola and place it in the same spot on the table in front of the same computer stand and the box placement & IV stands in both pictures are exactly the same because…um, nope. There’s no explanation and there’s no excuse for LIARS !!! (footage links listed & embedded, just in case this side-by-side pic isn’t worth priceless words)

But back to The Big Apple, the “make-shift graves” and “images of coffins being buried in mass graves” where they have to stash “all the bodies of people who are dying” Umm, again, outta context, all to manipulate OUR perspective, peddling Fear, not Facts (all local CBS affiliates, WFM-why, News 2, you too; of course Fox 8 is on YOUR side, all the better for when it’s time to devour you).

In the city of 8 Million people, deaths occur everyday. We should know this from watching “Law & Order.” So before this viral outbreak, what did they do with those peoples’ bodies? Each state (as per the 10th amendment), has its own procedures. In NY City, people who die without a relative contact to make arrangements for the burial OR whose relatives cannot afford to pay for burial, have their corpse held for a month, then, if arrangements have not been made, they are buried on Hart island. This is the procedure under normal circumstances.

“The city cemetery on Hart Island is indeed tragic. It has been for the past 151 years….prison laborers bury around 25 bodies on Hart Island each week.” Since COVID-19 Edicts went into place, the time for claiming responsibility for death relative arrangements has been reduced to two weeks. Based on inaccurate FEAR models and out of precaution that actually does make sense based on the legislation, Hart island anticipated having an increase in the number of unclaimed bodies. Normally, they use prison-labor to do the work. But the COVID-19 legislation has put a halt to that too. So, Hart Island coordinators had to hired contractors to do the usual and, as a precaution, to dig two extra rows.

Imagine if I, in NC (with the total state population being 10.5 million people), had a relative in NYC who died of ANYTHING at this point. Due to travel restrictions, there’s no way I could possibly make my own arrangements for burial for that relative within two weeks of their death, not with the legislation in place right now. So my relative would end up being burred there. The response by Hart to the Governor’s Edict is reasonable. The media coverage with NO context, of Hart Island is horrifically skewed. (*8)


There’s no returning to “normal” after this. The social engineers have already told US as much. The authority-abiding citizens accept this. They’ll line up to get an invisible inked vax, a chip or both. Anything to get away from those screaming kids or that idiot husband, or that nagging wife or that lonely house.

Daddy used to say, “You can fool some of the people all of the time and you can fool all of the people some of the time… but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.” He also sang, “Every rainy cloud is lined with silver.”

In the midst of this mess, I see one last opportunity. This is it. If ever there was a time to help people break free from the prison in which their minds have been conditioned to willingly stay, it is now. People are starting to really wake up. They must when their livelihoods have been stripped away and they don’t know how to explain to their children why it’s now taboo to hug grandma. Even half-asleep people at least get the sense that something’s not right when they see Bill Gates shaking Fauci’s hand after Fauci says that’s never to be done again; and they read Big Media as they defend him as a poor persecuted rich savior to humanity; and they see glimpses of protests with people holding signs with his picture and his needle and his NWO UN symbol, shouting “We’re Never Taking Your Mark, Bill Gates, Never 666! ReOpen Texas” just before they get arrested (yes, live yt streams actually showed that).

I pray that those glimpses of inconsistencies and prophetic truths that are stored in the subconscious of those only half-awake people right now, will cause a full realization of Salvation through Jesus Christ before they are deceived into accepting that mark once it is mandated in order to buy or sell as was predicted over 2,000 years ago (Rev 13 among many others)!

That’s why I must speak now. I, personally, have nothing to benefit from or #ReOpenNC or #ReOpen USA. From my understanding, I’d actually benefit financially from it NOT reopening (though I’ve not seen Federal Reserve Note 1 of what will inevitably become a hyper-inflated & antiquated version of currency from any debt-based stimulus bill). It’s tempting to me to wanna kinda scoff at people who have NO IDEA how to live for a few weeks, the way I’ve had to learn to live for the past few years. But that’s the flesh. When I see my neighbor hurting, it hurts me. When I know the final battle is near and people’s souls are at stake, and Satan will be working harder than ever in this last round… I can’t just do nothing. For me, that is a sin.

“So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin.” James 4:17

& That’s my Piece of Peace for the moment. Love, .

~ NC Liberty Belle

A few sources, of which, I have all faith, the reader can decide the validity for him/herself (if link isn’t embedded, or listed, feel free to copy/paste links in a new tab of your browser) :

*Vital Statistics Reference Guidance (when and how to determine & list a COVID-19 death) www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/nvss/vsrg/vsrg03-508.pdf (Reference section lists 2 back to The CDC itself, two to The Who itself, and one from the NEJM regarding 1st identified positive in the USA on March 5, 2020.)

**”National Vital Statistics System” New ICD code introduced for COVID-19 deaths issued by The CDC, U07.1 and a code for The WHO too, U07.2 www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/nvss/coronavirus/Alert-2-New-ICD-code-introduced-for-COVID-19-deaths.pdf March 24, 2020

*** “No COVID-19 test is 100-percent accurate” lifestyle.inquirer.net/359781/no-covid-19-test-is-100-percent-accurate/ & “Has COVID-19 Testing Made the Problem Worse?” digwithin.net/2020/04/08/covid-19-testing/

**** en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koch%27s_postulates

***** www.telesurenglish.net/news/Cubas-Interferon-Alpha-2B-Successful-in-Treating-COVID-19-20200317-0015.html

(*6) “Stop spreading false information about Novel Coronavirus/COVID-19” such as “Home remedies can cure and protect against COVID-19; No home remedies can protect against COVID-19” www.southernmarylandchronicle.com/2020/03/11/stop-spreading-false-information-about-novel-coronavirus-covid-19 Update on a postdate, but the above paragraph in this very article ALSO says the following is FALSE: “Face masks protect against coronavirus” and provides two authoritative links to (try to) PROVE it. Kind of curious how Maryland implemented a mask mandate just weeks later on April 15, 2020: https://gohs.maryland.gov/2020/04/15/governor-hogan-enacts-executive-order-requiring-the-use-of-masks-or-cloth-face-coverings/

(*7) “Coronavirus Death Predictions Bring New Meaning to Hysteria” 4/1/2020 https://www.realclearmarkets.com/articles/2020/04/01/coronavirus_death_predictions_bring_new_meaning_to_hysteria_487977.html with 39 source links touching on subjects not even addressed on this site. (Article and artwork here as well on 4/8/2020: wattsupwiththat.com/2020/04/08/coronavirus-death-predictions-bring-new-meaning-to-hysteria/)

*8 “No, NYC Is Not Running Out of Burial Space Due to COVID-19” 4/10/2020 reason.com/2020/04/10/no-nyc-is-not-running-out-of-burial-space-due-to-covid-19/

+ “CBS This Morning” ‘regrets their mistake’ yet didn’t take it down: The nationally broadcasted Morning News on 3/24/2020 showed US pictures of stolen SKY News footage taken from a small town’s overflow ward in Northern Italy and passed off as New York’s epicenter, as “acting” Gov Cuomo begs for more (kill) vents with dire warning that if it’s happening in NY, it’ll happen to YOU too, hear that NC? CBS See B.S. with the “B” in 2020 predesignated as standing for “bat”.
CBS This Morning footage
https://youtu.be/QWm0ytokzOI?t=83 March 25, 2020
(cued at 1:23) with desperate & dire English language lies spoken over images.
& See:
Original SKY news footage
https://youtu.be/_J60fQr0GWo?t=149 March 19, 2020 (cued at 2:29) audibly speaking *not English*
This is the “emergency ward” (not the emergency room, not the ICU).

Local WFMY (Why) News 2 peddling “fear not facts” & treating US like We (The People) are Kindergarteners with propaganda-filled “news” and Headlines like this one: “Where you can and can’t go under the stay-at-home order.” (No, no, Joe, you may NOT use the restroom during announcement time) https://web.archive.org/web/20200326164603/https://www.wfmynews2.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/where-you-can-and-cant-go-under-the-stay-at-home-order/83-e5553324-baba-4335-a03a-7ba5ee6ae3f5 They ask themselves, then answer: “What does the stay-at-home order mean?” “What is allowed?” “What isn’t allowed?” “What businesses and types of work are considered essential?” “What is considered essential business/travel?” and “What is considered essential travel?” AND DON’T FORGET (fear) “Remember facts, not fear when talking about the coronavirus.” (fear) (fear) (fear) (fear) (& don’t forget to fear)

Note: This publication may be edited by author to include additional references, pictures, &/or links as needed; as well as to correct any spelling/grammatical errors.

#GetMadOrGoMad #NoCOVID1984 #No1984 No#1984  #NoBigBrother  #NoNewNormal No#NewNormal #NoBraveNewWorldOrder  #NoBraveNewWorld No#BraveNewWorld #NoNewWorldOrder  No#NewWorldOrder #IwantMyConstitutionalRepublicBack #WHOdiedAndCoronatedBillGatesKing #HealthFreedom #InformedConsent  #NCbeFree #ReOpenNC #NoKingCooper #ToBeRatherThanToSeem Free! #BlissWithoutIgnorance


  1. Amazing and truthful examination and exposure of what is going on around us and being done to us! Should be forwarded to every citizen and news channel and politician! I am definitely going to share it! Thank you and God bless you! God bless us everyone! The battle isn’t over!

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  2. In God’s Word, we read: “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning (in the Garden), and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” Holy Bible, New Testament, Gospel of John, 8:44(KJV).
    Can you find a better description of the lies and liars, AND MURDERERS, behind the PLANDEMIC, “this present darkness?” Until satan, in the guise of that serpent, entered the Garden of Eden, there were no lies in our world! Until satan entered the Garden, THERE WAS NO DEATH IN OUR WORLD! What do those FUNDAMENTAL TRUTHS reveal about those who created a deadly scourge, from a harmless bat virus, employing illegal, outlawed (world-wide) “gain-of function” techniques? IT INARGUABLY, INDISPUTABLY, EXPOSES THEM AS satan worshipers!
    When will we learn? When will the world learn? “ALL those whose names ARE NOT written(NOT BORN AGAIN) in the Book of Life of the Lamb (Jesus Christ) worship him (satan)!” (Ibid, Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ, 13:4&8) Our Creator, LORD and Savior Commanded the entire world: “You MUST be born again!” (Ibid, John 3:7) Is He only joking? Is He kidding? Are there some excluded from His Command, “ALL?” For those who have bought into satan’s lies of “atheism,” “agnosticism” and “deism,” I testify to you, satan invented those lies to DISGUISE the fact, Christ rejection, in whatever form, IS SATAN WORSHIP! Let me close with this: What I have revealed is this: There are ONLY TWO CHOICES, THE BEST KEPT SECRET IN THE WORLD! I blame my fellow Christians for ignorantly “conspiring” with satan to keep this terrible secret! They have used the terms, “atheism,” “agnosticism” and “deism,” as if they are real, as if they actually exist! Did they exist in the Garden? Even after satan entered, did they exist then? NO, they did not! ONLY TWO CHOICES in the Garden, ONLY TWO CHOICES when Christ walked the Earth, ONLY TWO CHOICES for eternity, Christ or satan!
    Yeah, I’ve been told, repeatedly, “You can’t be that direct, you can’t be that blunt!” I have asked, many times,” How’s that soft-sell workin” out for us, and the world?” Look around, the evidence in the article that prompted this response, is a direct result of the “Christian soft-sell!” (Much more to that story. America’s Founders warned us, repeatedly!).

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