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Category: Lyrics on a Cracked~Yet~Still~Ringable~NC~Liberty Belle Curve

“She’s Ruling and Ruining NC” “She’s Always A Woman To Me” Parody (Billy Joel) Mandy Krauthamer Cohen, Unlicensed MD

“What’s frustrating is we know what works” ~ Cohen knows what works for each of US in NC? The world has responded in unprecedented ways that WE can clearly see have had dire ramifications from undertaking such unproven & unscientific approaches; to denigrate US here in North Carolina, for refusing to “buy into” YOUR demands for even MORE “collective action” of insanity literally adds insult to injury.
~ Lyrical rewrite on an NC Liberty Belle Curve ~

Ready! Aim! Fire Roy Cooper!

How come you run with face unmasked ’round here? You’ve masked every single face ’round here!
Can you hear our heckles, we hold the shackles, You’re no longer welcomed here….
We don’t have a choice to stay [at home] We’d rather die than live coerced Roy’s way.
With our backs to the wall, & election’s in Fall; You never quite thought you would lose at all; Unclothed Emperor falls in just one day, ReOpen & natural immunity raised! Ready, Aim, Fire Roy Cooper Away! ~ Lyrical rewrite on an NC Liberty Belle Curve ~