We The People v. THEY THE CORPORATIONS (2018 – Now)

(Written & privately shared 11/18/18, publishing Here & Now)

What’s happening (all of what’s happening) is a travesty.  NC, USA is already in distress.  It’s not supposed to be this way….
…But I can no longer see it as a polarized “Right vs Left,” instead, it’s a purposefully destabilized “We The People” vs “They the Corporations” and I finally understand for whom Washington and Raleigh so-called representatives are fighting.  They put on a pretty good show for a long time. But how long are “We The People” going to ignore the fact that They: both Democrats and Republicans… sit back and let corporate greed run the show?  It’s not supposed to be this way.

Duke Energy has been getting away with poisoning US for years without retribution, just look at what they did this year [2018] to Asheville residents who did everything within their legal power and Duke just took their power (because they were refusing their dangerous and invasive “smart meters”). Duke Enemy even called the police on THEM without so much as glancing at their legal documentation that they were holding in their hands. And police couldn’t do anything but “keep the peace” (the residents were already peaceful); police called it “a civil matter” which it is, but it shouldn’t be. What happened to the 4th amendment; to be secure in your own home?  & Monopolies are supposed to be illegal. Aren’t they?  I didn’t see THAT lights-out story on our local news, it was posted on social media by actual witnesses!  Look at Duke’s coal ash locations…The ones affected by the storms*  got some press but there are voices from all around the state (around the S. Eastern Seaboard for that matter) that have been  screaming for a long time that what they’re doing isn’t just, “isn’t right” It’s right down wrong. These people (part of “We The People”) aren’t being heard, they’re being harmed. The six Corporately-run media outlets are too busy reporting on cute new polar bears at the Asheboro zoo or something Mr. President tweeted or which celebrity gladiator bows/kneels and who stands during the national anthem at a ball game. Who cares what they do? I don’t care how they protest. I’m not gonna buy Nike anyway, it’s just another consumer-based product made overseas by just another Corporation sold in a Corporate store near US!  It’s not supposed to be this way. 
*[Hurricanes Florence and Michael;  & “surprise” snow storm Duke used to justify increasing rates … again.]

These Incorporated &/or Limited Liability Corporations with “rights of personhood” consistently put profits over people and as you can see, Duke Energy isn’t the only public enemy. It has become glaringly obvious who U.S. representatives actually represent…not US!  Maybe their intentions are good, especially when they start out…but…what about all the unelected, unaccountable Government agencies with alphabet acronyms with big money ties? What about that infamous DC “revolving door”? Bet your bottom taxed federal reserve note: Raleigh’s got one too. 

Follow the money…. Look around our state: look what THEY let DuPont aka Chemours/Dow (looking out for corporate interests) do to OUR Cape Fear & other River(s) dumpin’ it full of ‘The Devil we DON’T know’ plus Gen X!  Look what THEY let Smithfield corp (looking out for China Inc) do to our animals and the injustice capped in favor of the CAFOs by the courts against our neighbors! Look what THEY let Monsanto (now Bayer, looking out for Germany Inc) do our land. Look who THEY contract with to educate our children (Pearson books? Looking out for UK / EU Inc.) & Mandatory EOGs [End Of Grade testing]? The teachers can’t even tailor reading, writing and arithmetic, now STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering & the most convoluted Math techniques in existence), to actually teach to the NEEDS of their students because they need funding that’s based on collective scores of a ridiculous bubble test! (That’s looking out for Rockefeller’s & Carnegie & Vanderbuilt & Bill Gates’ of Hell-0 “common-core” style so-called philanthropy that benefits investors at the expense of OUR children) & without transparency, we don’t even know about the contracts for “free” school lunches and who really pays THAT nutritional deficit? The kids eating the junk!  The cafeteria can’t even legally serve students the plants from the garden they pretend to teach about. These are OUR kids, NC. OUR kids, USA. It’s not supposed to be this way.

& appointed, (not elected) FCC chairman, Ajit Pai, with Corporate ties right on his resume approves of Smart Meters, IOTs and pushes for 5G to benefit Verizon and AT&T Corporations to our detriment. Respected firefighters openly objected to the dangerous frequencies being installed on fire stations, citing multiple studies  [tens of thousands now], most notably WHO’s classification of wide-scale RF/EMF waves as probably carcinogenic to humans.  So, ok, “Let’s put them on schools instead.” Way to let us down again governing agency! We see who you value in this society. Firefighters are awesome. I wonder how many children will grow up to become one?  The weakest, most vulnerable and most susceptible group have now become targets of invisible rays that people don’t believe in, despite the fact that they are most likely using those invisible rays this very second, looking at a screen…using them any time they make a cell phone call, send a text, post a picture, use wifi and even while reading this!  The firefighters know it all adds up to no good but govt starts putting them on schools! It’s not supposed to be this way.

Did anyone see what happened this past Spring (2018) when teachers exercised their fundamental civil rights to peacefully gather in protest at Raleigh, and in response, most of the law-makers condemned them, saying they should have waited until school was out (ummm, after EOGs when kids would be out of school and lawmakers would ALSO be out of session and when there would likely be little impact and little news coverage of something which teachers felt the public should be aware). ‘Distinguished delegates’ went to the extent to put together, host and publish a website that was supposed to PROVE that teacher were paid well, even though they failed to adjust for inflation or dare compare their own raises &/or staff salaries &/or campaign finance comparison. They issued public statements against teachers, OUR teachers! Calling them “thugs” & posted various derogatory statements on social media, insinuating also that it burdens parents. What? The public education system isn’t in existence for the purposes of daycare! Is it? It’s not supposed to be this way.

The teachers who truly believed in their cause but showed up “to work” would be the REAL hypocrites, Mr. Brody. The ones who felt compelled to stand for that which they believed set an excellent example by exercising their 1st Amendment rights to gather & petition for redress of their grievances! In lieu of name-calling, how about you READ our Constitution – the one you swore to uphold – and follow.

& In the city, they purposely put fluoride (a known neurotoxin) in the drinking water under the guise of making out teeth stronger. Even if that was accepted truth (and it’s not), who cares about teeth over brain cells? Only entities with financial interests! Do people realize that’s straight out of Hitler’s Playbook! (Time to look up Operation Paperclip, if you don’t know about that one, It’s in government archive but sure isn’t taught in public school history class). In the country areas, residents have to worry about synthetic fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides seeping into our ground-water wells.

We’re traditionally an agricultural State but look at all the unethical Biotech engineering going on in the Research Triangle – Representative’s Stomping (on US) ground! And look at Bank of America (looking out for Wall Street, Inc in NYC) in Charlotte.  Remember that 2008 bubble burst with $14.8 trillion of OUR tax dollars going to bail out THEIR private Fed who cause all our debt and financial fallout & “Banks to big to fail.” (That’s not million, not billion, that’s TRILLIONS as of 2009, a decade old statistics – what? did they get tired of counting?)  Bank of America Stadium anyone?  Look: do We see whose interest our representatives and government officials are really interested in?  Interest from corporate dollars!  Corporate dollars is what those representatives bow to during any anthem.

Take your babies to the doctor for a wellness visit.  Why not?  The State will pay for it.  And if, perchance, a poke causes injury?  Well, the US tax payer will just cover Merck, Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline’s indemnity-free products that leaves your child more than scared or even disabled for LIFE (or… just dead). Try to decline or even just postpone or use a delayed schedule and the pediatricians kick ya out of their practice AND the compulsory education system won’t let you enroll… into… the compulsory system. (Can WE see how there’s something not quite right about that right there?)

A 2009 (yet  another [now] 10-year-old+) statistics showed for every 1 congressperson there are 5 lobbyist owned and operated by “They, The Corporations” greasing the wheels. They know what they’re doing.  “We The People” are under attack and most of US don’t even know why we’re weak.

Spin again & look at the media double-talking out the corners of their mouths & how diversity of thought is dying to the dichotomy of a left/right paradigm… “We The People” can’t speak without getting attacked or fired because [now openly shadowbanned and censored according to arbitrary ‘community guidelines’ with a word-for-word opposing agenda]… what if we say something that someone else might take as offensive?  Remember that debacle years back on the un-reality show, “The Apprentice” (then starring the now, Mr. President) where someone was called racist for using the idiom, “pot calling the kettle black”?  Whatever happened to, “I may not agree with what you say but I’ll defend… your right to say it”? Ok… hate speech could incite violence but who gets to define “hate”? The government? The Corporations? The media? They ALL already overtly incite violence in their own subliminal ways by working hand-in-hand keeping “We The People” divided, fighting with each other instead of standing up together against modern-day tyranny!

Now obviously, I don’t hate utility workers & I don’t hate (human) telemarketers but I DO I hate what Duke Energy and other CORPORATIONS are doing and have been doing to OUR State and OUR Nation and its residents… that’s not just me & that’s US! That’s US, USA! That’s OUR family, OUR friends, OUR kids, OUR animals, OUR soil, OUR neighbors, OUR home!

Residents of North Carolina, WE live on this land and WE eat its food and WE drink its water regardless of which one of US voted Republican or Democrat. This is our home, NC belongs to US and THEY don’t care if it’s polluted or poisoned because THEY see green dollars, in the form of a Green New Deal (more like “Greed New Steal”) not real green energy and THEY aren’t held responsible or liable and THEY don’t receive consequences for their destruction! Fines are fine for them. Paying a slap on the wrist to put profits over people is just the cost of doing business for Big Corps(e) which HAVE no empathy & care not if they make US little corpse. 

I don’t mean to come off mean or judgmental or cynical. I just feel that if we ever hope to establish change, real change, not just an Orwellean “Animal Farm” regime-political change, it would come from a real “We The People” true-grass-roots effort, which would involve working together despite differences in beliefs, political views, backgrounds, schools of thought and ethnicities and stop speaking the only language that these Corporations understand, which could also be their Achilles heel: the love of money. Every time we spend or, conversely, don’t spend, a dollar (or Bitcoin or Yen or Euro or whatever currency they love) we fight for “We The People” and we take a small stand against the root of Evil itself.  So the way I see it, by not forking over those “precious” green slivers of a tree [or scanned chips in plastic or soon-to-be, skin] to Corporations and by not participating in their little stock-market-venture-capitalism-Monopoly-rigged game “We The People” gain a little bit more freedom… Not patriotic idealism, but true relief from invisible chains.  (written 11/2018, see below for current events)

My prayer for the weary ~ Pray today, and everyday in these latter daze. My heart is with you, my friends and I pray for blessings, salvation, and peace & in the end we’ll meet at the top ~  (Ephesians 6:12) & as always ~ Feel Free, Share & Share a-like!  Love in Christ,

~ NC Liberty Belle

Mark Zuck called out by Congressman for ‘T.A.S.K. Platform’s” censorship operations across FB, Google, and Instagram for “collaborative” purposes 11/17/2020

Double-Talk Quote:  “It’s always amazing to me, Mr. Chairman, how many people before this committee suddenly develop amnesia  – maybe it is something about the air in the room.”  11/17/2020
Relatable Clip:  (@10:21) here (bit-chute) or here on Google’s platform (yt link)
In this week’s Senator Judiciary Committee, Josh Hawley (of Missouri) called out “Big Tech” representatives as basically: “modern-day robber barons” and surprised Mark Zuckerberg with knowledge of the 3 major controlling tech monopolies’ coordinating censorship software system, “TASK platform” asking, “The TASKS Platform exists and is searchable. Will you [Facebook] provide a list of every mention of Google and Twitter from the TASKS Platform to this committee?”  (in terms of them working together to censor and propagandize users aka “We The People”)  Mark Zuck declined that request.  The senator also explained that he knows (and now all the world should know) what “Centra” is and how it works as a FB tool to trace users across all other sites they visit, every message they send (even when not through FB), records of their personal, identifiable information and personal habits.  (Note: Zuck “does not agree with that characterization” but then again, most wife-beaters don’t identify as “abusers” either).

Of COURSE Mark Zuck doesn’t know what this “Centra” program that FB uses to trace everybody (& their brothers) across the web… surely he has NO idea to what the senator is referring… even when Sen Hawley depicts and describes it in disastrous detail.

False Flag Alert: Senator Lindsey Graham’s “EARN IT” bill is presented as an effort to stop child abuse – a noble notion indeed. But reading between the lines, it’ll end encryption – making NOTHING online, that’s now considered “essential” to our lives; private. Which Big Brother” do YOU prefer? Big Corps(e) or [One] World (Economic Forum)? “Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better.” (believed only) by propagandized brainwashed fool (in the works for years now).

Scripture to hide in Heart:  “Now the Lord is that Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.  But we all, with uncovered face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image, from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.”    2 Corinthians 3:17-18 

Song of Freedom: “It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way” by ODD TV (lang advisory)

some relatable lyrics: “…this little light of mine, I let it shine and you can’t stop it; But there’s nothing these corporations just won’t do for profit… I call out bullsh!t and lies, they call me paranoid; people are just foolish, full of hate, they get angry; point out the truth about reality they label you ‘crazy’… I’m not livin’ like a victim; it doesn’t have to be this way…. “


Embedded &/or Sourced Links (any other reference easily verifiable)

Duke just took their power: “4 Asheville NC Houses Have Their Power Shut Off” https://youtu.be/PhR3mtnRvWE or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhR3mtnRvWE (4 mins 46 secs)

“BOOM!! Josh Hawley Rips Zuckerberg a New One in Public Hearing” Bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/video/qALV3fSe6n8/ or Youtube: https://youtu.be/qALV3fSe6n8

DuPont: Recent article confirms the obvious (from over 2 years ago): “DuPont used Chemours, Dow merger to shield itself from PFAS claims – suit” https://www.icis.com/explore/resources/news/2020/10/15/10563956/dupont-used-chemours-dow-merger-to-shield-itself-from-pfas-claims-suit

“North Carolinians say expansion of Chinese-owned pig farms stinks” (more current view of page is titled, “Toxic manure lagoons stir battle over Chinese-owned pigs in the US” 2015) & since that time, lawsuits have been capped and time for filing curbed. https://web.archive.org/web/20150312152040/http://www.revealnews.org:80/article/north-carolinians-say-expansion-of-chinese-owned-pig-farms-stinks/

Firefighters “Cell Tower Radiation Health Effects” (2004): https://www.iaff.org/cell-tower-radiation/ “the IAFF oppose the use of fire stations as base stations for towers and/or antennas for the conduction of cell phone transmissions”

Big Pharma & Vaccine = indemnity free: https://1986theact.com/

Word-for-word: “Fake Fake News Is a Danger to Our Fake Democracy” (April 5th, 2018) by TruthStream Media [or search Sinclair Broadcast compilation & “Newscasters Agree” https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVL8S3lUHf0RE2m9adG7VJ63qhNg7wKOi with 13 playlist of LOCAL news outlets across the USA, all reading the same script.] https://odysee.com/@truthstreammedia:4/fake-fake-news-is-a-danger-to-our-fake:3?r=EvvaygjvAJPW3jc51tGBrSUpDF9uScw9&t=40 (less than 12 mins)

Operation Paperclip History: https://www.history.com/news/what-was-operation-paperclip

CIA’s Operation Paperclip Declassification (just a few damning pieces of the project, straight from the trojan horse’s mouth): https://www.cia.gov/readingroom/docs/PROJECT%20PAPERCLIP_0002.pdf & https://www.cia.gov/readingroom/docs/PROJECT%20PAPERCLIP_0019.pdf

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  1. So what then, Mr. Congressmen?
    – Do you want teachers to teach our children, by example, to NOT stand up for obvious (or even perceived) injustice as afforded them by the Bill Of Rights?
    – Do you want teachers to teach our children, by example, to simply OBEY the direct narrative OR do you want our future generations to have critical thinking skills?
    – Do you really want more time “of instruction” to “help students”? Then introduce legislation to stop arbitrarily paying various teachers bonuses for their students’ (who have collective learning from many teachers and experiences) performances on the EOGs!!!!
    – Do you realize, Mr. Congressman, sir, how much class time is STOLEN from teachers and students alike, taking time away from actual learning to the PRACTICE of a meaningless bubble test!
    – Most parents are extremely supportive of teachers, Mr. Congressman. We understand that the public education system was NEVER intended to be a daycare so that parents could go to work. Do YOU grasp that concept, sir?
    In Response to:
    NC House Representative Mark Brody said, “Let’s call this what it is, Teacher Union thugs want to control the education process!” He said “participating teachers are inconveniencing parents by not reporting to their schools that day [today 5/16/18]. The HYPOCRISY is that they say they are supporting the students. One less day of instruction does not help students…Teaching our children that it is OK to not show up for work does not set a good example.” He says teachers should wait until school is out to protest “without inconveniencing anyone.”
    #RedforEd, #May16, #itspersonal, #RallyForRespect, #NCTeacher
    (post from 3 years ago)


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