Don’t Go ‘Buy’ The Numb-ers 2+2≠ 5.

Statistic show that unless you’re very old, weak, sick, and live in a toxic environment you have a greater risk of getting choked on your food today and dying from that than you do from getting and dying from COVID-19(84). Should we voluntarily stop eating?

Bear with me, here:

There had been extensive discussion on Sweden reaching “near-herd-immunity” (this as of May 6, 2020) especially in alternative media circles. As mentioned in a previous article, the government in Sweden, we’re told, took the threat of COVID-19 seriously but did NOT impose over-reaching mandatory restrictions or forced orders. They recommended, instead that residents should take their own precautions.

I saw and interview of an American woman who lives there with Swedish family members. She described how they were offered the option, early on, to work from home (if they were able and wanted to do so). The government, from the way she described it, had also allowed parents to make the choice to keep children home in lieu of physically attending school, making internet classes available as soon as they learned of the potentially dangerous virus spread. She said that she, herself, always wore gloves and a mask in public, but that she probably wouldn’t have, had she not been the the primary caretaker of an elderly family member who is over 90 years old. She said that restaurants and ‘pubs’ were still open and though there were fewer people out & about, that they were all pleasant and respectful of one another. She also noted a big cultural difference between most in American cultures and the Sweeds: We’re “very touchy-feely,” she had said, ‘that’s not so much part of their culture’. (I guess in Sweden, families & friends don’t greet with big hugs. In the US, not everyone does either. But I know I sure do and my family sure does!).

Another alt news piece I came across around that same time was also along the line of “All Eyes On Sweden” which noted that nearly every nation in the world was on some form of lock-down. That made me wonder: With most of the world on mandatory lock-down, what other nation(s) are “free” and how are they faring?

This led me to only one locale (at that time): Belarus, whose leader has called the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic response ‘a psychosis’ as of the date of gathering statistics for this comparison chart, though since that time other examples have emerged, such as Japan which has fared fairly well. Just days after gathering my reference points on this Country, the Belarusian President, Alyaksandr Lukashenka, proceeded with their WWII Parade honoring the 75th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany at which, he aptly pointed out ‘that none of today’s hardships can compare to the horrors the country endured during the war.’

The research and publication of this work was greatly delayed as I attempted to read and oppose parts of various crazed & ever-changing flurries of rushed legislation right here on a local level as NC proposed (and passed a version of) SENATE BILL 704 , NC’s “2020 COVID-19 Recovery Act” 53 pages of insanity and HOUSE BILL 1043 (originally around 145 pages, reduced here to 38 pages) upon ratification reduced to 25 pages of Stupidity Stipulations!

There are multiple levels of lunacy regarding unprecedented fundamental law changes that these two bills sneakily hid among how NC is to allocate CARES Federal Reserve Notes that obviously put profits over people and clearly erases and erodes decades &/or even century-long established principals, putting both children and elderly individuals in danger, among more madness!

And of course, in the wake of the bombardment of all THAT going on at the State level is the infamous 6666 Bill (and other public/private govern-mental ‘solutions’) that requires IMMEDIATE opposition.

Mother’s Day came and went with precious family moments, as did ReOpenNC’s five city peaceful, family friendly Memorial Day Freedom event.

Children on the Courthouse steps after honoring our fallen American Heroes.
Media Betrayal Portrayal of the Honorable event.

And even as I attempt to move from “draft” to “publish,” of course, the entire nation erupts into seemingly fiery fury with even further lock-downs and curfews in many cities due to a different kind of contagious virus, as chaos consumes & contorts the minds of many, much to the delight of would-be societal controllers.

“Just like that: Protesting is constitutional, masks are not necessary and COVID19 is over.” What ‘Phase’ of ‘The New Normal’ is THIS?

But to NOT return to this work and to NOT continue to point out the grand disparities among statistical manipulations in various locations would be a failure on my part so I’m putting it out there.

Sure, in the year 2020, when each passing month feels more like a year’s time, due to daily data overload, this information seems dated. But it isn’t. It’s not even a month old. (Statistics as presented on dates of 5/6/2020 ~ Jobless statistics 7th)

Here is what I considered when I decided to make this chart (in two formats): Stay-at-home Orders (lock-downs, shelter-in-place, quarantine etc) vs locations with few or no governmental mandates. I looked at Sweden and Belarus for their low or no freedom restrictions, and used as comparison North Carolina (both countries have comparable populations rates as NC). Then I decided to also compare some other US States based on either close population equivalency (Ohio, Michigan, New Jersey, and Illinois) or proximity to NC (South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia). I also chose to include the letter grade assigned to states by unacast* “social-distancing grade” for the same date, that we’re given as if we’re all in Kindergarten and Big Brother Sam is our infallible instructor (courtesy of the same forces that brought us the Fear Map with its similar icon AND predictor ‘Event 201’ participant: John Hopkin’s Bloomberg School of Public Health. As I was working on this chart, I happened upon updated statistics purporting to report comparisons of unemployment from one year ago to now, by state, as of the date 5/7/2020 so I included the pertinent info for the States included in this chart***. Note: Mere hours after collecting this public data, the numbers on the chart inexplicably changed, with no notice that they had EVER been anything different nor any editorial comment of any kind of edit or mistake or adjustment of any kind. Thus the added column that I titled “Jobless claims Jerk-around+.”

Locked-Down*None ImposedLimited/ voluntarilyYes (extended)YesYes (strict)YesYes (except criminals)Yes, (reopen phase early)YesYes, (reopen phase early)
Population9.4 mil10.3 mil10.5 mil11.7 mil10 mil8.9 mil12.7 mil10.6 mil8.54 mil5.15 mil
Death Rate %:00.00119%00.0284%00.0045%00.0097%00.041885%00.0928%00.0223488%00.01226286%00.00835333%00.005749%
“OBEY Grade”**

Jobless claims Original***

Jobless claims Jerk-around+
10 Location Comparison Chart (data compilation)

I put a lot of work into this effort, carefully calculating the statistics, charting them, double-checking math, reformatting the chart for possible correlations with the outcome of the 10 different locations being…..mixed. Here’s a more unique vantage point of this compiled information:

LocationPopulation (million)Death Rate %:Locked-Down*Rank by Death RateRank by FreedomRank by Obedience (social-distancing Grade)
Belarus9.400.00119%None Imposed101
Sweden10.300.0284%None voluntarily32
NC10.500.0045%Yes (extended)994th (tied) D-
OH11.700.0097%Yes684th (tied) D-
MI1000.041885%Yes (strict/arbitrary)2103rd (Tied)
NJ8.900.0928%Yes171st Place
IL12.700.0223488%Yes (except criminals)452nd Place
GA10.600.01226286%Yes, (reopen phase)535th Place (tied)
VA8.5400.00835333%Yes763rd (tied)
SC5.1500.005749%Yes, (reopen phase)845th Place (tied)
Freedom and ‘death rate” rank for 10 Location Comparison Chart

One interesting fact did turn out to be that Belarus, with NO LOCK-DOWNS MEASURES taken, had the LOWEST DEATH RATE of all the other places in this comparison.

Does that prove that More Freedom lowers Death Rate? Certainly not: Sweden was 2nd on the freedom scale but had the 3rd highest death rate of these. NJ, the 7th least free had the #1 highest death rate of these compared.

Does that prove that Lock-Downs lower Death Rates? Certainly not: Michigan, the least free had the 2nd highest death rate! Conversely, North Carolina was 9th out of 10 on the freedom rank but had the 2nd lowest death rate.

So, from this chart, we are clearly able conclude: Pretty much NOTHING.

BUT, can something come from nothing? In this case, the resounding answer is YES. For one thing, there’s NO consensus nor correlation that shows that lock-downs measures were either effective or ineffective.

~ So Now consider THIS ~

The making of these limited charts were prompted by the “all eyes on Sweden” sentiment… But NONE of these statistical analysis contributed ANY new information regarding ‘herd immunity’. That data simply does not exists for US yet. In the USA, we’re supposed to be “slowing the spread,” & “flattening the curve” for the purposes of NOT overwhelming our hospital systems. BUT, healthcare has been one of the first of many industries in the corporate welfare line with a fist up and a hand out. Michigan has laid off healthcare workers and has had to close at least one of its hospitals due to financial woes. . NC Healthcare workers have been laid off or otherwise negatively affected by mergers & acquisitions that have had HORRIBLE consequences not only for “front line workers,” but for US regular folks who needed access to either urgent care or have had to postpone care that’s not considered “urgent” by a politician or public health policy-maker! The tent that was put up at Greensboro’s Cone (formally Wesley Long) was taken down over a week before I’d started writing this article, without having hosted 1 patient!

So now we know that the virus has death rate of only 00.02271%, in all, based on these figures provided by John Hopkin’s and THOSE numbers, ALREADY can include assumed death attributions and multiple co-morbidities, thus redefining the definition of the assignment of the phrase “COVID-19 death” meaning the numbers include death WITH the virus not necessarily FROM the virus.

It’s recently been disclosed that 50% (or more) of the deaths that these numbers include. occur in nursing homes , &/or in elderly living in “congregate living spaces.”

Therefore considering that the death rate for the vast majority of humans is (generously estimated at) around 00.011% based on their own admissions, why must we continue “social distancing,” accept “contact tracing” and “immunity passports” for the privilege of working for a living!?!

It’s Spring. At the time of these statistics, the beaches were still “closed”. Food continues to rot in fields. Parks for children remain closed, sitting out, empty under the sun and tangled around with caution tape so tightly, it appears to be a crime scene even during phase 2 reopening. Meanwhile, cities in NC are using their federal COVID grant money to buy spy drones for social distancing enforcement along with UV lights for sanitation ! That’s some flawed thinking right there. Or is it that We The People not supposed to use common sense and not understand the agenda unfolding before our very eyes?

Photo Source: “The Farmacy”

Playgrounds are BANNED!?! These are places the public funds through taxation! It’s where people could be freely soaking up sun that our bodies convert into much NEEDED vitamin D that builds up the immune system and is of particular importance in relation to COVID-19! (Sources: countless REAL-life, practicing &/or practical doctors with experience, expertise and actual medical licenses like Dr. Berg and Dr. Mercola and unlike so-called “Dr.” M Cohen, secretary of NCDHHS, who is a doctor in the same what that Dr. Pepper is a doctor, yet has been appointed to stand at the podium day-in, day-out, trying to convince US to “follow the data” and “listen to the science.”

Buy UV light, but ban parks with free sun, then enforce with A.I. eyes in the skies!? Fail.
May 10, 2020 (Mother’s Day North Carolina)

All of this leads up to the Bigger Message I want to convey…

Maybe I was too easy on the US government in my first article when I said it was unprepared. The implication was toward ineptitude, at least giving it the benefit of the doubt. But even THAT is a poor excuse now. Now, I see intentional sabotage. The CDC, NIAID, DHHS, DARPA, BARDA, & DOD are all heavily lobbied, and funding Big Corps(e) that are highly invested to the tune of trillions of Federal Reserve Notes with the promise of multiple times over THAT in pre-promised profits as Big Pharma pursues their efforts to ‘save US all’ with multiple, brand-spankin’ new ‘mRNA vaccines’ with possible “paradoxical enhancement effects,” (with the animal testing phase legally skipped, & ALREADY shielded from financial liability from damage it or any other medical action or inaction may cause, all retroactively) and as Big Tech pursues its big monetary return through introducing multiple ‘new’ ways of using OUR OWN biometric data to ‘protect US all by tracking, tracing, profiling, and contacting US’ tracking our every transaction, in real time, in every ‘SMART’ way (un)imaginable… ya know, for our own good.

“Leading world health expert” (who has never earned a degree in his life but spent his life and his billions-in-ill-gotten-gains pursuing influence and domination with his eugenics-rebranded-population-control-ideology), Bill Gates has publicly stated that “we” [wait, who’s this “we” HE’S talkin’ about?] do not want people to have natural immunity.

Bill Gates has already called COVID-19 “Pandemic I” History Note:WWI was not called WWI during WWI. It was called “The Great War” and ended with the participants’ motto being “never again”

Bill Gates has already called vaccinations “The final solution” History Note: “The Final Solution” is literally the Nazis term for “the murder of all Jews— men, women, and children—and their eradication from the human race” (along with other undesirables or those who went against their ideology). It’s the term they used for Mass Genocide!

What’s that’s old sayin’ again? “Those who do not learn from history are pleasantly delighted to repeat it? MeThinks NOT.

Alternative media has already pointed out food shortages to come, come winter, so loudly that even Mockingbird Stream Media had to admit we’ll need to be ready for an even “Darker Winter”. So why, pray-tell, would anyone with a healthy immune system, especially school aged children, need to, by mandate, go out of their way to avoid THIS particular germ, literally “like the plague” if it’s already been predicted over & over again to make its second wave this winter? (that’s well before anyone could possibly PRETEND to claim they have a ‘safe vaccine’ for this – an oxymoronic phrase anyway, if their existed such, there would be no need for pharmaceutical Corps(e) to have LEGAL immunity.). Would not exposure now, even if it led to sickness be preferable, during Spring and Summer, than during the winter mixed with snow, less sun (lower vit D), and flu season!?!

The message from the beginning was #SlowTheSpread. That message has somehow managed to warp into the idea that the spread will somehow stop, in the minds of the masses. That “idea” only furthers the agenda of ID2020, GAVI, and all the other Gates-like-minded creatures of evil (even if they don’t realize that the very agendas they push ARE indeed quite diabolical).

We The People had better Rise up and end it NOW while we still have a fighting chance. We see what’s going on and WE have ears to hear what the Spirit says to US, the Churches. And WE DO NO CONSENT!

#GetMadOrGoMad #WeDoNotConsent #No6666 #NoBigBrother #NoCOVID1984 #StandYourPlayGround #ReOpenNC #SaveNC #NCbeFree #ToBeRatherThanToSeem Free! #UnitedWeStand #WeThePeople are #TooBigToFail

Double-Talk Quote: My 12-year-old upon reading the ‘recommendations’: “wait, They’re gonna open pools… but not playgrounds? Playgrounds are sitting in the sun all day under uv light. It’s easy to social distance there; pools are only [so-big], how are people going to ‘social distance’ there? One person 6 feet above, the other 6 feet under water?” 5/21/2020

Song of Freedom: “We Do Not Consent” by Mr Matty Mosses (feat O.D.D tv) (Link ) “I don’t consent to the media telling lies to me. I don’t consent to them engineering society”

Memorable Clip: “They’re hoping you forgot” ~ Vaccine damage in the aftermath of the Swine Flu scare of 1976 (actual news footage from back when reporters actually asked questions and got real answers, also shows the actual ads and public service announcements with sentiments as eerily similar as we see today). (Length 15:46)

OR (update) watch on Alternative Bitchute: “THE SWINE FLU FRAUD OF ’76”

Scripture to hide in Heart: “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils. It is through this craving that some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many pangs.” ~ 1 Timothy 6:10

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  1. How Belarus Exposes the Lockdown Lie (Dec 19/2020)
    Overall, the Belarussian approach has been the least authoritarian in Europe. Belarussian football went ahead as normal and fans were allowed to continue attending games. Theatres, cafes and other social events continued and there was no shutdown of the economy. Victory Day Parades also went ahead on the 9th May despite being cancelled in countries such as Russia. Neither did Lukashenka delay scheduled elections, unlike Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand.
    Western media treated Lukashenka’s approach as a laughable curiosity (in cases where they did not ignore it entirely). They mocked Lukashenka’s comments about vodka and saunas, using this was a way to avoid asking any deeper questions.
    According to the official narrative, Belarus should have been a zone of death, destruction and disaster. Neil Ferguson’s modelling – one of the key pieces of propaganda used to put Britain in lockdown – predicted that left unchecked Covid 19 would kill between 54,090 and 71,616 Belarussians.
    So what are the facts? The population of Belarus is around 9.5million. Of this population, as of December 12, 2020, a total of 1,263 deaths are recorded as being from Covid 19. It appears the first death in Belarus attributed to this disease was Mar 31, with between 2 and 11 deaths recorded each day up until Dec.12. …1,263 deaths out of a population of 9.5m is minuscule and hardly indicative of a deadly pandemic sweeping the country.” …


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